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“Before you even start addressing the hard stuff, never ask a venture capitalist to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). This is because at any given moment, they are looking at three or four similar deals.They’re not about to create legal issues because they sign a NDA and then fund another, similar company–thereby making the paranoid entrepreneur believe the venture capitalist stole his idea.But three months after the birth of son Akshay, her hair started falling out again and Shobna – who split up with her baby’s father while she was pregnant – struggled to cope.‘It was something else to deal with in addition to the upheaval of single motherhood,’ she says.‘It was a mess.’When Shobna found fame in 1998 playing Anita in sitcom Dinnerladies, her thinning hair wasn’t initially a concern – it was neatly tucked away under a hat. As I got more comfortable with the make-up girls, I’d ask them to leave some curly bits at the front to make it look fuller.’Low iron levels and thyroid disorders can also contribute, but the most common form of female hair loss – a condition called androgenetic alopecia – happens when the follicles become sensitive to normal levels of male hormones in the body.Although afflicted since her teens, her most severe bout began two years ago when she noticed visible patches of scalp and found clumps of hair on brushes and her pillow, and clogging up the shower plughole.Temporary hair loss can be accelerated by stress, poor diet and weight loss.Some large companies – for some reason – want to show you stuff, but then don’t want you to tell anyone about it “until they are ready.” I can usually deal with this as it’s not worth the ensuing arguement.

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While it generally lasts only six months, Shobna’s continued until, at 27, pregnancy caused a rise in oestrogen.

It stopped her hair falling out and it looked fuller again.

If you think you have something super secret that no one else should know, just don’t tell me about it.

Oh – and check your assumption in that case – especially since the value is in creating the thing, not simply having the idea.

If you even ask them to sign one, you might as well tattoo “I’m clueless!

” on your forehead.” There is one type of NDA that I’ll sign.

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