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" at the person kicked off the interior design competition show each week."Shear Genuis" gave us Jaclyn Smith hosting a hair dresser competition starring DL fave Tabitha 'Oym taking ovah! On TLC there was also this bizarre 2005 show, "Sheer Dallas", with Larry Hagman narrating about various people in Big D, like hair dressers and rodeo gals and other silly "Texan" types.However, it was fun to watch here in Dallas and see all the places we knew well!Remember when Fox ran Paradise Island and the whole point was trying to get self-centered loser couples to cheat on each other on TV?Or How Kourtney Kardashian was on Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive? Personality - a woman dates a bunch of guys wearing creepy masks. The Littlest Groom - Nuff Said Season 1 of PAradise Hotel is the single greatest reality show of all time. The 2nd season sucked, but the first was a thing of absurdist beauty.(I like to think that at least *some* of them were in on the joke though...)Omar sings "Endless Love"From Mark Burnett, the man who brought us Surivor came Pirate Master!An exciting show about something or other to do with hidden treasure, gold dubloons, etc.What other weird reality shitshows have been lost to the dregs of time? The rules constantly change, and the shirtless men don't hurt.Playing It Straight - Fox show where a woman dated a bunch of guys, some of whom were - shocker! WB Superstar USAClueless singers were ranked higher the more terrible they were, they never heard each other sing until the very end and the show wasn't aired until the competition was over.

"Chasing Farrah" and "Ryan and Tatum: The O'Neals" killed any mystique and attraction I had for Ryan O'Neal.

All three of them were annoying, self-absorbed and emotionally unstable, and made me less interested in seeing how celebrities actually live day-to-day. Yes, I thought Evan Marriott was VERY hot back in 2003.

So unnecessarily convoluted and confusing, I loved it.

Of course, weekly losers were forced to "walk the plank" which meant that we sent away from the ship in a row boat."Kid Nation" where a group of kids of different ages In the show are left unsupervised to create a functioning society in the town, including setting up a government system with minimal adult help and supervision.

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Until a few of the younger ones accidentally drank bleach. "Pirate Master" didn't even air all of its episodes in 2007 but burned them off on Snootily telling people they weren't good enough to "be a Hilton"! There's Something About Miriam, 2003 UK reality dating show where all of the male contestants had no idea they were pursuing a "bachelorette" type dating relationship with the gorgeous MTF transgender person, Miriam.TLC had the shows "In A Fix" and "Clean Sweep" which were "Trading Spaces" coattail riders but they both had a LOT of hot "carpenters" on them. Even Farmer was so cute and I'm heartbroken that he is allegedly straight. Very controversial back in the day."Top Design" gave us lizard person Jonathan Adler sneering "See you later, decorator!