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20-Feb-2015 11:15

We are developing a means to display the thousands of live Pyramids images captured here on Pyramid Cam over the past 4 years so you can browse them by date.

To start with here are some of the 'best' images from Pyramid Cam. - Have a look at some of our most spectacular Pyramids images captured by Pyramid Cam Live over the past 4 years. Mariëlle Capture - This object was captured on the Pyramid Cam image on November 6 at by Mariëlle. It's very interesting because it appears to be moving up and not side to side like most meteors we see.

There is another frame that contains a smaller image below it which is earlier in time. Tom Hartlove forwarded the setting Sun image on the left this morning.

I noticed a spot in the NE section and checked for sunspot activity. The latest sunspot cycle has been very slow to get started, but this is a big one.

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September 9th - It's been nearly a month since our last comment here on Pyramid Cam, but the long hot summer is nearly over and much works needs to be done on the site now that schools around the world have started again and our traffic starts to pick up.

Animal Cams - August 11th - We have not had an ultra- interesting capture for some time, but this is certainly one!