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I was going to hit a number of those speakers so hard their heads would spin, they’d never recover. ))"Awesome Ivysaur Girl34" wrote: "hearthstone_nerd" wrote: Don't act like Hilary Clinton is some sort of God. But when Lightstar, her enemy, became the leader, only she knew her past.

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" –Donald Trump, admitting to lying to voters while speaking at a rally in Connecticut ((SEE TRUMP DOES LIE, HE DOES! AND YOU LIE WAY MORE THAN HILLARY DOES))Donald Trump at the third presidential debate: "Nobody respects women more than me."Three minutes later: "Such a nasty woman." (October 19, 2016) ((Trump, stop wasting your breath. "Nobody respects women more than me." Yeah right, what a joke, Trump!

))"We should just cancel the election and just give it to Trump." –Donald Trump, speaking at a rally in Toledo Ohio, (October 27, 2016) ((That's just cowardly right there, cowardly.