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03-Aug-2016 03:36

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From Switzerland it headed to the Argonne National Laboratory in Lemont, Illinois, where the krypton-81 isotopes could be measured.

Krypton, which as it turns out is not just a planet in the DC universe, has an isotope called krypton-81, which is now being used to date Antarctic ice core samples and hopefully provide insight on the different periods of climate change throughout Earth’s history.Krypton is a noble gas which can get locked up in air bubbles of ice and stay there as more and more layers of snow (which eventually compacts into ice) are piled on top of it over time.An important question this research may someday answer is why the intervals of major climate cycles were much smaller a million years ago.In the last 800,000 years, scientists think that Earth has moved in and out of ice ages about every 100,000 years.

Just like carbon has isotopes which we can used to date things, so too does krypton.The amount of decay in krypton’s radioactive isotope krypton-81 can be calculated in a process called radiometric krypton dating.

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