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Learn more Buy Now by Siddhartha Mukherjee Essential, required reading for doctors and patients alike: A Pulitzer Prize-winning author and one of the world’s premiere cancer researchers reveals an urgent philosophy on the little-known principles that govern medicine—and how understanding these principles can empower us all.Learn more Buy now by Barry Schwartz In this groundbreaking work, acclaimed writer and thinker Barry Schwartz dispels a deeply ingrained myth: The reason we work is primarily to get a paycheck. Through fascinating studies and compelling anecdotes, Schwartz takes the reader on an eye-opening tour, illuminating the destructive way work operates in our culture, and ultimately empowering the reader to find their own path to good work.Learn more Buy now by Stephen Petranek It sounds like science fiction, but award-winning journalist Stephen Petranek considers it fact: Within 20 years, humans will live in Mars. In this sweeping, provocative book that mixes business, science and human reporting, Petranek makes the case that living on Mars is an essential back-up plan for humanity, and explains in fascinating detail just how it will happen.Learn more Buy now by Chip Kidd First impressions are everything.They dictate whether something stands out, how we engage with it, whether we buy it, and how strongly we feel. And design is all around us, secretly shaping our world in ways we rarely recognize.

In this book, Heffernan looks back over decades spent overseeing different organizations and comes to a counterintuitive conclusion: it's the small shifts that have the greatest impact.

by Kio Stark Kio Stark reveals how these simple, surprising encounters push us toward greater openness and tolerance--and also how these fleeting but powerful emotional connections can change you, and the world we share.

Learn more Buy Now by Andrés Ruzo In this exciting adventure mixed with amazing scientific discovery, a young, exuberant explorer and geoscientist, journeys deep into the Amazon—where rivers boil and legends come to life.

Pioneering scientist Rob Knight pairs with award-winning science journalist Brendan Buhler to explain why these new findings matter to everyone.

In September 2014, the imprint relaunched, offering titles in hardcover for the first time.

Below: highlights from recent and earlier titles (the latter in e-book only).

We even had a car registration of one that had tried to meet her but they were not interested at all Your daughter sent photos of herself and younger sisters? If not this is making and distributing child pornography. She's not listening to reason so you need to get tough - call the police, these men are grooming your daughter and no doubt countless others it needs to be reported - also get in contact with the chat sites she is going on. She obviously isn't listening to you or her dad so something needs to be done nd perhaps she will listen to the police.… continue reading »

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