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27-Aug-2016 15:44

Norfolk, which saw the third highest hate crime surge, was home to many of the strongest Leave votes - including Great Yarmouth which posted the fourth highest in the UK with 71.5 per cent.

The EU referendum led to a boom of post- Brexit racist attacks, with people being abused in the streets and physically attacked.

The vote to leave the European Union triggered a 14 per cent rise in hate crimes across the UK - with tensions particularly boiling over in Vote Leave areas, where people were told they should be killed and were beaten for being from Europe.

Police logs also reveal some of the shocking crimes linked to Brexit which can be reported for the first time. All of you from your country should be killed." The day after the referendum, a Polish man was attacked after being approached by two men outside a pub in Yeovil, Somerset and asked if he was English.

Four days after the result in Corby, Northamptonshire, a taxi passenger ranted at a female driver: "Did you see the results of the referendum? He was repeatedly kicked and punched as he lay on the floor and suffered a fractured cheekbone and serious damage to his eye.

The number of incidents across the UK peaked on Saturday, July 2 - just a week after the controversial vote.Dr Jon Burnett, researcher at the Institute of Race Relations (IRR) told uk many people who previously harboured xenophobic feelings felt 'emboldened' by the referendum campaign and result.He said: "Of course, many of those who voted to leave the EU were not against immigration or hostile to multiculturalism."But as these statistics show, the referendum has emboldened some people with xenophobic feelings, with a consequence of abuse and physical violence.

In Suffolk alone, there were 11 separate police reports of people being told to "go home" or "go back to your own country" just before the vote on June 20 until July 20.

In another incident a a woman of Turkish descent suffered a heart attack in her car in Bury St Edmunds on June 30 after being told 'go back to your country... In Middlesbrough, Cleveland, a man told police he had his car tyres slashed three times in a week because of the result of the referendum.

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