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According to New York State records, the company was first incorporated under the name “J. The company was later re-incorporated under the name Bulova Watch Company, Inc.on April 26, 1923, and then again as Bulova Corporation on June 17, 1988.Many of us who collect Bulova watches are not only fond of the watches themselves but are also fascinated by the quest to learn more about the history of the watches and the company that made them.Much, if not all, of the records regarding older Bulova watches and the company’s early history were lost or destroyed in the late 1970s.First use of the name in that context is reported as 1907.Not included on the Bulova corporate timeline but of some interest here is the date on which Bulova first incorporated his business.

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Per the brief historical timeline provided by Bulova’s corporate website, “Joseph Bulova, the company's founder, emigrated from Bohemia, in what is now the Czech Republic, at the age of nineteen, arriving in Manhattan in 1870. In fact, our earliest ad for Bulova watches is 1918, as discussed below. Specifically, a 1927 trademark listing registers the name "Bulova" in relation to "watches, movements, cases, and parts thereof".

The next entry on the corporate timeline is dated 1912--37 years after the first entry--and reads: “Due to the demand of watches throughout America, Joseph Bulova established his first plant committed to the total production of wristwatch components.