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I also read that Marie Therese "made other dresses for Grace Kelly during her time as Princess of Monaco." I have also found a 1960's gown that had both a Jean Desses label as well as the Marie Therese label. Measures: 33/34" bust, up to 26" waist (I can get on at 27" waist, but it's a bit snug), up to 38" hips, 37" long from shoulder to hem. However, then the gown went under the harsh photography lights and that's when I saw the light stains here and there. She was known for taking pride in quality workmanship and attention to detail." This was obviously a couture gown designed and made for one of the wealthiest women in the world, Doris Duke. Lovely popular "ashes of roses" color (I remember that from "The Thornbirds"! I can just imagine how fetching she looked with (presumed) sable wrap. but the MAIN issue (which wasn't disclosed when I purchased) is someone tacked the full skirt in two areas to hide what looks like cigarette burns near hem!!!!! ) with a few extra hooks/eyes or something, but that's not much of a problem (unless you are all thumbs like me who can't sew on a button! Measures: up to 35" bust, up to 34" waist, up to 40" hips, 51" long from shoulder to hem. You will NOT be disappointed by the quality of this piece. Measures: up to 34" bust, up to 25" waist, 28" long from waist to hem. :) he became one of the foremost designers from 1960-1990. In 1983, the year she started her design firm, Her dresses sold for thousands of dollars when new, so no surprise that this has the "hand" it does. The zipper is actually in the pocket of the skirt, and then there are snaps across the waistline at front to create the wrap design. Originally this dress probably had white removable collar and cuffs, as there are snaps inside, but they are no longer with the dress. ell, you can wait a few months and buy a new Chanel cashmere sweater for well over ,000, OR you can buy it now before everyone else starts shopping for Fall and score!! She made evening gowns and special-occasion clothes in such luxury fabrics as silk, velvet and lace. as it's impossible to hide it in jersey, you may want to get a bit creative and scatter a few rhinestones on the gown, or applique tiny black circles and a very scattered design along that front skirt. Check out the photos of 1960's top model Jean Shrimpton in these glasses... artist Salvatore Dali wearing these Courreges glasses with grommets!!!! (OK, I touched one just to take the photograph and to look it over... I WAS selling these glasses complete in the box for one price... Clear buttons down front with wide shoulders and feminine bow tie at collar. An interesting fact about her pieces - each of her dresses were made one at a time and by one single person start to finish. Measures: 42" bust, up to 32" waist ,up to 42" hips, 62" long from shoulder to hem... Comes with COA from Andre Van Pier/FIT as worn by Liza Minnelli. White linen dress with seamed waist and Va-Va-Voom "Jessica Rabbit" bodice topped with so pretty white lace flowers on a sheer nude yoke - so from afar you will look .... And then it makes those white cap sleeves look like they are floating in mid-air!! There is a opaque nude fabric to cover the breasts so you don't have to worry about showing too much. Measures: up to 26" waist, up to 35" hips, 17.5" long from waist to hem, 34" around hemline. Don't know if this is original, or if it just happened from being on a hanger, but for those who care about this.. If the belt isn't original, it's wonderful with it.. All knit, but should fit best for up to 40" bust, up to 36" waist, up to 40" hips, 43" long from shoulder to hem.

That gown was sold at auction and was believed to have been owned by internationally renowned ballerina, Margot Fonteyn. :) Seems this Saks label is from the 70s, but hard to know if this dress is from the 50's, 70s or the 90s... You can see the ladylike shape, back zipper is hand stitched... See photos to see what you will see under bright lights, including underarm staining. Love the asymmetrical almost Grecian draping of the bodice, the skinny self belt, the modified wrap skirt (no leg will show), the inverted pleat skirt back with 1" train... Measures: up to 38" bust, 30" waist, up to 44" hips, 56" long from shoulder to hem in front, 57" long in back, slightly long-waisted at 16.5" shoulder to waist. Simple black straight skirt with elastic waist (gotta love St. ) and a very low "v" front jacket cut to the wide inset waistband with three little rhinestone buttons, baby peplum and c. Wear the skirt alone with just about anything in your closet and pair the jacket for a variety of looks. What's more fun to wear to an elegant picnic (back in the 1950s) than a dress in the classic picnic tablecloth design? ) silk satin gown embroidered with beading on both the satin and the matching chiffon panels at the front. The gown has horsehair hip panniers inside (though would have been worn with loads of petticoats or hoop as well. You gotta wonder where Doris was, or what she was doing to burn her hem area!! Not a form-fitted gown, but gives the illusion of such with the beading. Just seems to be of the quality only seen in older pieces. This dress is so perfect for spring time if worn with a cardigan sweater, or perfect for summer! He was elected into the Smithsonian Institute representing American Designers from 1970-1980. She said she learned the basics about style while working as an actress in her 20s. I'm sure you can figure a way to hide that hole and allow you to be thrilled with the fact that your body is gonna look... or each separately (as I know there will be many who don't need/want all 8 pair). Excellent condition with just two small spots (see photos) found. A dark navy blue jersey ruched gown with slightly off the shoulder neckline and criss-crossed ruched bodice ending in a wonderful drape down the front of the gown. and this is quite stretchy, so will stretch even more if you need it! But you will need a low-back bra with nude or sheer straps. Excellent condition BUT you will see in the second to last photo that there is a bit of very light yellowing down the sides of the dress. You know you will be feeling sexy in this tight red pencil skirt with the black satin (or is that satan! Charm it up with a lady-like blouse and pumps, or hell... This will give you a tight wiggle walk so don't try getting on a bus! The red color is less intense than you might see on your screen, perhaps more the color of the tag above. This nearly complete outfit (all you'll need are shoes! The gray and white thin striped cotton dress and additional pieces of the white epaulets, white collar, gray matching belt and cap are all separate pieces that luckily were not lost over the years. If you love Jean Desses all ruched dresses, you should love this look. just takes a quick stitch to raise the hem a smidge. I'm still considering keeping this dress for myself!!!!! I keep thinking how much Barbra Streisand would like this dress! This outfit came from a museum deaccession with the museum tag reading: "July, 1959 Italian, Fontana of Roma suitdress of bright navy silk/wool nubby fabric.

I have found other labels of a "Nina Ricci patron original" label with the additional Marie Therese label, so I'm not absolutely sure if Marie Therese was just a top designer retail boutique, or additionally a dressmaker creating authorized couture designer gowns or both. and that brilliant BRILLIANT rhinestone ornamental buckle. Oh, and Lila Wallace was famous and important enough in 1949 to be on the front cover of Time Magazine!!! Measures: up to 40" bust, 26-33" elastic waist skirt, up to 40" hips, 27" long skirt, 22" long jacket. :) Measures: 35/36" bust, 25/26" waist, 42" long from waist to hem in front, 44" long in back. You can find these soutache embroidered Mexican jackets at all price ranges. Beautiful large scale floral print in shades of lavender, blue and a soft green over a white polished cotton background. Measures: 34-38" bust, 26" waist, up to 37" hips, 21" long skirt. though the waist seems to have been taken in one side about 1/2 inch. ) for some fashionable young woman who knew already knew how fabulous Bob Mackie was way back when. He designed gowns for Jane Russell, Liza Minelli, Judy Garland, Dolores Hope, Jan Clayton, Dinah Shore, and many of the Ambassadors wives during the Reagan Administration. page=lifestory&pid=143451392#fb Logged Out he became one of the foremost designers from 1960-1990. Richards' client list glittered with socialites and movie stars, including Nancy Reagan when she was first lady of California in the 1970s and actress Victoria Principal in the 1980s. yes, I'm gonna say that word I hate to say as it's so overused... But one pair has already SOLD, so the complete box is no longer available. Wear the collar up or down (probably a hook/eye missing, but that's about the only issue!!! Measures: up to 38" bust, 45" long from shoulder to hem. If you look very closely at the fabric (especially seen in the back photos) you will see a light striping in the fabric which goes in a horizontal pattern in the back and diagonally at the front. Here's the sad story of Andre Van Pier, a designer who reached the pinnacle in the celebrity fashion industry in the 1980s, and died alone and broke and buried by the State in an unmarked grave in August 2008. The 24" long jacket is open at front, meant to be worn as you see. You can just image Liza Minnelli in this, but I have not yet found any photos of her wearing it. I didn't see that under I photographed the dress under the bright lights. The look was perfect for TV's "Nashville" star, As the fashion critics were quoted, "Seriously cute, if you ask us! The skirt is fully lined in satin (again with the "satan"? Hard to tell you as all monitors are different, but it's not a screaming red, and I'd say with a blue undertone (for those red people who need to know! I'd keep this in a heartbeat if my hips were smaller than Miss Piggy's! Fully knit tops, skirts, gowns and dresses covered all over with beads and/or sequins. Because they are as comfortable to wear as they are beautiful. This one is one of the best I've seen in nearly 30D scrolls and flowers. The American Red Cross Volunteer pin is pinned on the chest pocket above the large red cross embroidered patch which is sewn on. I keep hoping I look better than I think I do, but then I see photos and wonder WHY!! Measures: 35/36" bust, up to 30/31" waist, up to 39" hips, 23" long from natural waist to hem. So if you see this listing is gone, you know what happened. She used to wear that "sailor" collar and bow ties all the time!! The dress has shoulder pads, and additional shoulder pads between the double collar to make sure it stands out as you see. Measures: up to 36" bust, up to 31" waist, up to 39" hips. If I can stuff my bra enough, perhaps I'll wear it for my Xmas party if you don't get it first. Purchased while on a fashion fabric tour of Europe in 1959.

THIS gown was owned by a very wealthy Greenwich, CT women who lived in Paris in the early 1950's. you can wear the skirt separately or with the jacket, but just imagine that jacket with black pants or jeans, or whatever else you can imagine. I dated the gown based on the obviously same collection gown from the Museum of the City of New York. Deaccession from a museum...fantastic complete outfit of simple tailored (and beautifully constructed with interesting seaming) shift dress with a yoke of hot pink check. But some just jump out at you screaming "I'm the best". Hiding behind another similar jacket that didn't hold a candle to this one. Fitted bodice with horizontal pleating in modified shelf bust construction. (I know from the 1993 article in New York Magazine). I have another up for sale with a PEACE theme, and one "Miro" art theme... Always architectural in style, Mugler's fashions are destined for museums. even exhibited at the famed Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC! comes this pretty dark blue silk dress with tiny little red/white/pink/green print in a flattering style! I would have loved to have this in my closet back in my younger years during the 70s. He was elected into the Smithsonian Institute representing American Designers from 1970-1980. Richards' designs were sold at Saks Fifth Avenue and other specialty stores. Measures: up to 34" bust, up to 26/27" waist, up to 40" hips, Tulip shape hem at front, 60" long at back. But as you purchase each separately, at least you know they came from ONE previous owner and are all original to this one store stock box! A few of her garments went up for auction, and I scooped this piece up! This one is probably more of an apres ski outfit (as it's not waterproof), but certainly could have been worn on the slopes. So you adore the white jersey ruched gown above, but don't want to spend that much? I'm sure at some point there will be a movie made of his life. basically a strapless dress with "T" necklace attached. Originally hired as a stylist for Saks by Adam Gimbel, in 1929 Sophie was asked to take over the Salon Moderne of Saks Fifth Avenue. So if you are like me who can't stand to wear party dresses that you want to rip off as soon as can, you will love this! Comes with the original rope beaded sash with beaded loop tassles. Richilene was actually husband and wife team Ilene and Richard Pacun which debuted in 1971. Measures: 35/36" bust, up to 27/28" waist, 39.5" long from waist to hem (perfect for me at 5'2" with heels), 56" long from "shoulder" to hem. The only issue I could find is a problem with one end of the ribbon sash (you can easily just get a new ribbon sash, or cut shorter by 12" ish - I left as is for you to see the correct original length). American Red Cross Volunteer patch is also sewn on the one arm. But then I see Renee Zellweger or some other star wearing yellow and try it on again... :) Incredibly, this is the 2nd of these dresses I've found! In July 2011, Vanity Fair Magazine voted Jacqueline de Ribes as one of the "International Best-Dressed Hall of Fame" recipients. first thing you need to know about this dress is that the zipper is hidden IN THE FRONT! I sold another Jaqueline de Ribes dress that I found the original ad for the dress at ,000 when new in the 1980s!!! Measures: up to 36" bust, up to 28" slightly empire waist, 54-55" long from shoulder to hem (with 4" hem). Oh, and from my research A Hattie Carnegie Original, mind you! Why didn't all designers and shops think ahead and date all their pieces?? Now look at the design of the bodice on this beauty... Measures: 36" bust, up to 30" waist, 41" long from shoulder to hem. Purchased while visiting Fontana (Booklet with Gift Receipt Form).

This was likely shown with a sheer blouse under (I assume), but you can certainly wear with an opaque blouse, or a turtleneck if you really want yourself covered! Lagerfeld was obviously evoking the iconic Rudi Gernreich topless bathing suit. Measures: 30" waist, 32" long from shoulder to hem. This is, indeed, the COUTURE label so the price is about right. Side zipper, but because of the corseting, you can tie it to your body measurements both in front and in back. " No this isn't THE gown from the Museum at FIT (NYC), but it's the same gown that you will see in the museum. and see the likely prototype worn by Kelly Klein at the MET Fashion Gala in December, 1991. Wrap style jacket with matching and original tie sash. This is a 1970's design so it fits tight across the back and the sleeves. The wide necked jacket is classic early 1960s/Jackie Kennedy look. ), up to 27" waist (if you want to breathe, you might want to be up to 26" waist, up to 38" hips (very tight so if you want to sit, go smaller), 41" long from shoulder to hem with an extra 4" in hem (it was hemmed up, but I like at this length so I'm leaving for you). This same dress is currently listed elsewhere for ,200!! The bodice has a high turtleneck that can be worn up or down (I show it both ways) with buttons on the side. This dress Measures: up to 40" bust, up to 31" waist, up to 41" hips. This is the one suit you will go to again and again in your closet. He designed gowns for Jane Russell, Liza Minelli, Judy Garland, Dolores Hope, Jan Clayton, Dinah Shore, and many of the Ambassadors wives during the Reagan Administration. page=lifestory&pid=143451392#fb Logged Out he became one of the foremost designers from 1960-1990. is made to flip over and blouson at the slightly low waistline... So the only REAL issue is one small spot at the low waistline (see photos). 48" long from shoulder to hem hiked up, 57" long when pulled down. She designed elegant haute couture dresses and gowns for an exclusive clientele, including a red coat and dress for First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson to wear at Lyndon B. Great dinner coat of a fancy textured black silk in a great swing style! there are some yellowish minor spots on the electric green lining (see photos).... Measures: up to 48" bust, 41" long from shoulder to hem. This is meant to be worn large, so really best for sizes 6-10. But sadly I seem to never get out of my "at home" duds... I would LOVE to find a place to wear this, but alas.... if the prints or plaids line up perfectly, that is the sign of the best quality as they discard lots of fabric to make this work! From the beginning her clothes featured unusual small details which made her designs unique. including costumes for Liza Minnelli, Julie Andrews, Carol Burnett, Lee Remick, Joanne Woodward, Claudette Colbert, Faye Dunaway.. The dress being sold measures: up to 36-38" bust, up to 34" waist, up to 44" hips, 43" long from shoulder to hem (plus 3" extra in hem, and 1" extra shortened at waist - just basted so can easily be undone). Info on "Gray Lady" is listed with the rest of the photos (if you want a history lesson). I'm assuming it's only a few years old, but obviously designed in the 1960s Jackie Kennedy style with fabulous tailoring From Vintage Label Resource (my favorite website! Herrera began designing in 1981, but for many years prior to that she was known as a style setter. (Note: the hips have been let out 1" on either side and there are some stitch marks, but easy to put back to it's original size of up to 37" hips if you wish), 17" slit at back of skirt to aid in walking. You can just imagine how this will look when you move, walk, slink, or dance across the floor. the bust is slightly pointy (not torpedo tits, just as you will see in the photos). Possibly best for a shorter gal (great on me at 5'2") as it seems a bit short shoulder to waist. Thanks to my favorite fashionista, I've been told that "Lei de Lancetti is the ready-to-wear line from Pino Lancetti who was one of the greatest Italian fashion designers. giving the impression of a two-piece outfit (sequined shell over linen skirt), but no... I added the simple red material sash and tied in a bow just to show you options... Are you the kind of woman (me included) who love to have a wrap to wear over your sleeveless arms? OK, I'm guessing this is 1990's as it has that simple elegance look of that decade, but could be newer. So if you can handle just two hard to find paillettes missing, and ever so slight (really! )underarm lightening on the dress, you will adore this outfit! This is one of those dresses that will never let you be a wall flower (get it? White pique cotton printed with multicolored bold flowers.

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Measures: 34" bust, 27" inner waistband, but will go up to 28" waist, up to 38" hips, 44" long (long! If you are shorter, these are easily hemmed up by a good tailor. Wonderful sparkling rhinestone buttons are decorative as the jacket closes with three snaps up the front. A regular belt will make it look more like a coat or coatdress. Perhaps best known for creating Dustin Hoffman's red sequined gown for Tootsie, his clients included Princess Diana, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Liza Minnelli, Mick Jagger, Joan Collins, etc! Attached on the dress is a hand signed tag from Andre Van Pier with Liza Minnelli's name. There's nothing much more sparkly than Swarovski crystals (really Swarovski! or even with a turtleneck sweater under for a whole different look! :) The jacket is claret red with a gold circular brocade design. But please look at the photos of the bodice to see that there are two large patch pockets over each breast... The bottom half of this gown is a gorgeous blush and gold textured brocade. Oh, the ivory Mainbocher blouse is available as well, but being sold separately... Simple shape design fitted square neck sleeveless bodice and slightly gathered long skirt with gorgeous woven gold, turquoise and teal "sari" design at lower skirt. Love this sheer bold 60s print over an another sheer orange lining. Working out of her New York City townhouse studio, she created innovative formal and elegant to playful and bawdy dresses/gowns for private clients and actresses including Sophie Tucker and Carole Lombard, and for various theatrical productions. And then the uniqueness of this dress is the black ostrich feathers dangling at lower back skirt!!!! so you will know exactly where to attach the replacement feathers. So if I get around to dealing with the feathers myself... Measures: up to 37" bust, up to 28" waist, up to 40" hips, 27" long from waist to hem.. Puerto Rico to win Miss Universe in 2006 (and WHAT a gown that was!! Very Dior or Balenciaga or Irene at a fraction of the cost! and the open fringe all over the separate bolero top! There is a very strange chopped up label inside the waist of this dress. There are belt loops (which can be used with a belt - doesn't come with one - or just cut them off). I just wish we had the original as it would have had a top designer label, I'm sure. The collar is wide and ruffly and has an extra piece to create a tie at collar. Measures: up to 35" bust, up to 34" waist, up to 38" hips, 36" long from shoulder to hem. These Gene Shelley Made in Hong Kong dresses were extremely popular in the 1960s for these very reasons. The wide beaded neckline is pretty enough without needing a necklace. Fluidity was particularly important to Muir who ensured comfort in all her clothes. This LBD (Little Black Dress) is the only one you are ever gonna need. Measures: 36/37" bust, up to 28" waist, 17" from shoulder to waist (great for those of you with long torsos) and 49" long shoulder to hem. Just type in Ralph Lauren Black Label Dress in Google and you will see that this is likely a ,300+ dress original price! Doesn't matter as I sell beautiful dresses from 1800's through Today.

Most importantly, I have found a dress that was designed by Hubert de Givenchy in 1963 for Grace Kelly that was executed by Marie Therese. Just wear a smashing statement necklace to dress up. The only way you know it isn't is because the tags are modern. all from prestigious high-end designer, Mainbocher. In Excellent condition with the exception of one teeny little mark on the breast (see photo) and ever so slight fading?? all from prestigious high-end designer, Mainbocher. This gown is exactly what you would expect of Mainbocher... One first look, it looks to be in remarkably wonderful condition. Originally had a belt or tie/sash but it was lost over the years, so I just used a black ribbon (doesn't come with it). Measures: 39" bust, up to 31" waist, 27" long from waist to hem, 16" from shoulder to waist (note: the shoulders have stitching so they might have been slightly shortened. From about 1950 until her retirement in 1967, Kuhn focused on her elaborately housed private dressmaking business, where she had a staff of 12 working at 57 West 56th St., NYC. Some beads missing (though nothing jarring), minor fabric discolor underarms... This can be dated as (according to Vintage Label Resource), Wilson Folmar was the designer for Edward Abbott from 1957-1964. Might need a seamstress to revamp the back waist closure (currently has velcro! There are 2 teeny moth holes from my least favorite bug (well... She married to become a Countess and was well known as a style maker long before she became a designer. Measures: 35/36" bust, up to 29" waist, up to 38" hips, 37" long from shoulder to hem. or even around your waist if you prefer to remove it from the back neck. Excellent condition with just one tiny spot found on the bottom of one pocket (see photos on the one pocket - last photo). Measures: up to 35" bust, up to 30" waist, up to 37" hips, 56" long from shoulder to hem. Richards joined a small group of Los Angeles designers who helped expand the California market beyond swimsuits and shorts. So I went on a hunt for photos to PROVE the ones with grommets are just as Original! but 8 pairs of these extremely rare sunglasses of old store stock left in a box - untouched in over 40+ years!!!! The glasses are each still wrapped in a plastic wrap, and laying in waiting. A lightweight, softish white plastic with writing on the inside of the glasses (or at least the one I opened) with a Patent number and the word "Depose" embossed in the plastic and the word "Courreges" in silver on the exterior earpiece. If this sounds like you, and you want to find a dress that's warm enough (but not too warm incase you get a hot flash), and feels like a comfy sweater (as the base is a black knit! Pretty color purple jersey with decorative squiggles of color. The matching collection dress is currently for sale elsewhere for 5. perhaps that's a bit extreme, but you larger gals (and when I say larger, I mean those who don't have the vintage size 2 bodies! Measures: 41" bust, up to 32" waist, up to 40" hips, 26" from waist to hem, and seems to be a bit long waisted (so you short-waisted gals should likely need to know this). The belt wraps around from the halter so you can tie in front, or in back or whatever you want. The only thing to mention is that the skirt lining is slightly longer than the ruffle-y chiffon hem in areas. Unique color combo and design (see the close-up photos).

If you know Bob Mackie, you will know that there are lots of different quality pieces. There is very minor bead loss here and there, but fairly easy for someone to add a few more beads if you want it absolutely perfect. The three textured buttons have some wear which is only seen on very close inspection (or in my photo). The sign of an expensive jacket is the attention to detail. You can just image Liza Minnelli in this, but I have not yet found any photos of her wearing it. Oh, and Lila Wallace was famous and important enough in 1949 to be on the front cover of Time Magazine!!! I was recently lucky enough to get a few of her pieces... Look at photos to see the bleeding of the pink onto the ivory satin here and there and a few dirt spots. As you can see from the photos, it's a brushed flocked material. Many of her gowns were designed with a similar look.... High boat neckline, simple shape dress with the wide scallop hemline all ruffled with bows at the sides. Measures: up to 36" bust, up to 33" waist, up to 3" hips, 36-39" long from shoulder to hem. in 1987 the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) in New York City inaugurated the Lila Acheson Wallace Wing to permanently house and exclusively devoted to 20th-century art. Should become your favorite "go-to" summer dress in your closet! Kuhn started her career as a private dressmaker in 1911. meaning larger than more vintage pieces (which tend to be small). Now sadly two of these ostrich feathers are missing... Otherwise great condition with just slight pulls in fabric and hem could use a stitch or two. ) Her gowns easily sold for ,000, and are couture (meaning individually designed and created)... This gown is similar to a nude Bob Mackie with the beading covering the possible exposed skin under netting. I love the fact that my mannequin was SO excited to wear this dress that she just couldn't stop from dancing... Could have been the original label, or someone could have just used it as some material. Doesn't seem to be any issues, so it's unexplainable. I'm assuming there was a ribbon tie at the slightly empire waistline as well... Classic color combination from the 1950's and 1960's. Love the sweetheart neckline and the wrap skirt front and back with the bows also front and back at the waist! Not sure exactly how it's supposed to be worn there, but you can just tie or wear under the collar if you prefer not to see ties. So if you're like me (of a "certain age") you can't believe these young women wear these skin baring dresses to parties without freezing to death! Gold beads and sequins with faux pearls in a "branch" design front and back. Muir had a reputation for perfectionism and exacting standards in all aspects of production. The reason is that the "v" neck can be lowered to an obscene level, or raised to a much more modest "V". Metal gold zipper at the back (zipper as one bad tooth, so it can get a bit stuck in one spot, but it does work... The only other thing to make this dress less than Excellent is the strangely poor hem job. The chiffon skirt is great for a little summer breeze to flounce a bit. I don't like to sell too many newer pieces, but come on... Labeled size 6, and that's about right today so it can't be too old... Measures: up to 36" bust, up to 28" waist (can be wrapped to be smaller), 49" long from shoulder to hem.

Some are lower quality with sequins instead of beads, some are couture Celebrity pieces, and some are one step down from the couture pieces, still early in the Mackie RTW lines and still of top quality, extremely heavy, full of bugle beads, faux peals and just a hint of sequins all beaded on to strong white cotton netting rather than beaded onto silk as you will find in the lower quality Mackie gowns. There is an inner boned bodice and the rest is just the thin silk light blue lining that they used on these RTW gowns, but would have not used for Cher gowns (those were just the beaded netting without the lining)... You will likely never see where the lost beads are unless you are inspecting. Though mermaids don't need that long sexy leg slit! in researching Marie Therese of Nice, France, I have found a few gowns in major museums including the V&A in London and the MET in New York City. This jacket could SO easily been assumed to be a Balenciaga jacket from the 1950s. The textured fabric is used on a diagonal to match the shape of the jacket... all from prestigious high-end designer, Mainbocher. Now make a sad face (like I did when I first saw that it wasn't perfect). The skirt was hemmed up at some point, and the lining is also stained/discolored (see photos). Oh, and Lila Wallace was famous and important enough in 1949 to be on the front cover of Time Magazine!!! I was recently lucky enough to get a few of her pieces... Just slightly tired waistband, and the skirt has some water spotting and a few other spots. Mainbocher popularized the Indian sari fabrics in the 1950s. Measures: up to 39" bust, 17" from shoulder to waist (long waisted - or room for ample breasts), 40" long from waist to hem. During her long association with the museum, she was one of its single greatest benefactors. In addition, in 1972 she was presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Richard Nixon, and in 1992, she was posthumously awarded the National Medal of Arts. I was recently lucky enough to get a few of her pieces... :) I can't find much about Marldena gowns, but they were around for at least 30 years it seems, so they must have been quite popular! During the Depression in the 1930s, she found new clients designing for the theater. Measures: 39" bust, up to 34" waist, up to 39" hips, 38" long from shoulder to hem for both. However, this gown is lined where it needs to be... The detail of the way it closes at back is quite unique with buttons that curve around the design. Measures: up to 36" bust, up to 28/29" waist, up to 39" hips, 32" long from waist to hem. In July 2011, Vanity Fair Magazine voted Jacqueline de Ribes as one of the "International Best-Dressed Hall of Fame" recipients. Original cashmere tie (to wear a few different ways)... so I'm just showing a possibility of what it might have looked like (doesn't come with it). It's a fairly thick knit, so don't be wearin' this in the heat! When she launched her first collection in 1970, Ms. NOTE: I've contacted a few museums to check on the authenticity of these glasses, and have found that there were a few slightly different versions (in various museums), some with the grommets, some without. IN THE ORIGINAL BOX which stamped with "Made in France" and handwritten in pencil, "8 pieces Courreges". Measures: up to 38" bust, 17" across back between armseams, up to 28" waist (measures 31" waist, but trying on, this seemed best), up to 39" hips, 13" waist to crotch, 43" long outer leg, 32" inseam, 25" long sleeves. Or you need to wrap yourself in 3 pashminas so you end up looking like a mummy. And there are all over gold beads throughout for a little extra sparkle. Her clothes were emancipated, flowing, and had a timeless quality to them." Yup, that just about sums up this dress! You can start the evening high and go lower each hour... :) Even the shoulder detail (which I would probably add some rhinestone to... It looks fine from the exterior, but the inner lining hem is just ugly from the inside only. 2 layers of blues, purples, pinks and yellow silk crepe chiffon in a very muted plaid over a light blue lining/slip.

Her jewels were just recently sold at Doyle Auction House for tens of thousands each piece. The gown is slightly too small in the waist for the dressform, and a bit too large in the bust (heck of a figure on this women!! The "train" could have been worn in other configurations. Here's the link to that gown: that Bergdorf Goodman (high end department store) dated their specially made or tailored garments!!! Compare to Valentino prices today for a silk dress... The matching black worsted silk coat stays open at the front (no closures) and has a long slit up back to show off the fabulous matching hot pink checked silk lining!! Even the toggles are made of bone, not plastic or something else. The most fascinating thing is that if you look very closely, you will see what looks like the remainder of paper under the soutache so the embroidery looks like it was hand assembled from a pattern placed on the jacket. The skirt is gathered at the waistline for a very full silhouette. This is of equal quality as very square millimeter of this jacket is covered with sequins and beads in incredibly intricate design. this one I call "circus" for that crazy guy hanging upsidedown on the shoulder! I have a Mugler white jacket in my closet that I will not part with! Mugler suits originally sold for thousands of dollars. Wide square neckline, seaming under bust and at waist, 3/4 length sleeves. From the Vintage Label Resource: "The label “Shannon Rodgers for Jerry Silverman” was established in 1959. Wear as you see it, or add a crinoline skirt for pouf, and/or where a wide leather belt with fringe (also very 70s! He designed gowns for Jane Russell, Liza Minelli, Judy Garland, Dolores Hope, Jan Clayton, Dinah Shore, and many of the Ambassadors wives during the Reagan Administration. page=lifestory&pid=143451392#fb Logged Out he became one of the foremost designers from 1960-1990. and I've lightened most of the additional photos so you can see details and seaming. Richards closed her fashion business in the mid-1990s. I will give you a COA from stating that with a photo of the original box on that COA. otherwise you would likely have heard of "the richest little girl in the world" whose father, a tobacco baron, died in 1925 and left his 12-year-old daughter million (remember this is 1925 money... It's a black heavy soft plush fabric trimmed in black leather. Perhaps best known for creating Dustin Hoffman's red sequined gown for Tootsie, his clients included Princess Diana, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Liza Minnelli, Mick Jagger, Joan Collins, etc! In her role as lead fashion designer, she often traveled to Paris to purchase clothes from designers. Salon Moderne was not particularly successful or prestigious prior to her arrival. Once you know Vintage quality, you will find it hard to buy new! Brooks emerged with a few other American designers after World War II. Looks great on the size 6 mannequin of 35/25/36, and yet will stretch much larger, and will also look good if you are slightly smaller. They specialized in cocktail party and evening wear. If you plan to wear off the shoulder, not as great for people like me with narrow shoulders. The cap has buttons at back to create the hat shape, otherwise it lays flat for easy transport.... There is little I have to say about this dress other than I look lousy in yellow... The previous one was a dress, this is a gown with a matching reversible shawl. There are two great pockets inside as well (unexpected, but nice touch! For all of you who know any of the crazy women (oops...you one?? She married to become a Countess and was well known as a style maker long before she became a designer. So just to give you a clue as the value of this label! A bit flashy for the wife of the Leader of the Free World. I'm gonna suggest you go look at the photos first so you can see the wild pink, red and white silk blouse of wacky ducks under the jacket which matches the lining of the jacket! I just love when items stay together for 60+ years! :) I could be wrong, but I'm thinking there might have been a bow at the collar of the jacket. it's what you might expect from the best or the best Ceil Chapman... "James Galanos is an American fashion designer, widely considered to be one the world's foremost 20th century couturiers." No, I didn't write that, but just want you to know the pedigree of this dress. Please note: the labels you see hang from the interior hanger straps, so these may have been original wholesale tags for sale to a department store (as there is no Galanos label inside the dress), so might have been sold for boutique to sew in their own label (it was done at high-end boutiques! NOTE: in 1961, his chiffon dresses sold in shops for 5 - 0! Donated by Fran Hutchings." I just love having the absolute dating of an item!LUCKILY I found a photo of the original owner wearing the gown! It's a perfect snapshot of the era, down to the exact date!!!! Excellent condition and the best jacquard fuchsia silk. Measures: 35/36" bust, 25/26" waist, up to 39" hips, 23" long from natural waist. Comes with a scarf probably meant to be worn as a neck bow (as I've shown). And the special detail is the red material inside the pockets that just pop! Shown with a crinoline for additional fullness (doesn't come with it). Measures: 34/35" bust, 28/29" waist, 30" long skirt. Especially ones that are as much a piece of artwork as a garment. This oneis totally multicolored to wear with black I guess to let the jacket shine. This Mugler suit is of a very lightweight wool (labeled peignee) ... Wide padded shoulders, though not as wide as the 80's suits. Rodgers previously designed for the movies and later worked with Silverman at Martini, a dress company that did adaptations of Paris designs. Measures: up to 35" bust, up to 28" waist, up to 39" hips, 58 long from shoulder to hem. He was elected into the Smithsonian Institute representing American Designers from 1970-1980. This gown is probably late 1970's - early 1980's... His crystal sequined bras would retail for ,400 (nearly ,000 today). but Sophie designed costumes for Broadway to generate interest and bring in new business. Labeled Size 8 but measures: up to 35/36" bust, up to 27/28" waist (if you move a button), up to 36" hips, 20" long skirt. Yeah, I know, that's what I said to myself, and I should know more than most! He did not become as famous as Bill Blass and Geoffrey Beene, but within the industry, they were know as "the three B's of fashion." Mr. A NY Times article commented in 1986 that “debs debut, playgirls party and maidens marry” in Richilene. If you are planning a "maiden" wedding, you can't find a better gown. you wouldn't want to have to transport a hat box on the front lines! ) The mother-of-pearl buttons on the dress are fantastic as well.... Rare to find exactly the same vintage dress twice... And this one was also created for a va-va-voom figure. except for the stitch marks as mentioned and extreme minor speckles on the LINING only of the lower gown. If you'd rather have this as a dress, looks equally fantastic, so just hem up to your liking. ) who crashed Target's website and trampled fellow shoppers to get the "Missoni for Target" items.... Nope, it's not one of my usual high-end designer pieces, but you'd never know from the look!! Love the empire waist with the large bow attached at the front. The blouse has ties that can be worn as you see, or in a bow, or tucked inside (I show all 3 ways. There are minor seam stitchmarks at the sides as it looks to have been enlarged ever so slightly. Damn me for even bringing it up, but I like to tell you everything I'm thinking, otherwise I won't be able to sleep at night. white linen VINTAGE is usually impossible to find in near mint condition without any yellowing, or darkening, or graying, or whatever. intricate gathering which continues down to the upper hipline and then comes the MASSIVE bubble hemline skirt with attached black net lining! Measures: 33/34" bust, 25.5/26" waist, 44" long from natural waist to hem. Dress measures: 34" bust, 25/26" waist (inner band is 25"), 41" long from shoulder to hem (with additional 2.5 in hem). Too bad no designer label remains, but I'm sure it would have been a good one! The black bodice underslip looks to have lightened (browned) a bit, but it doesn't really matter... Oh, and with the inflation calculator, this would have been a modern day ,000 dress. This outfit doesn't have the "wow" factor of many of the items on my website...