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I want my children's first experience of Shakespeare to be just like my own; strangely brilliant and perfectly of our time, despite being written so far in the past in a language barely recognisable as our own.Before the LGBT community start running for a safe space, be reassured I fully support the right of everyone to be whatever they like.I wanted to have a man with a man, a man who was dressed as a woman with a man, and a woman with a woman. And I want children to come and watch this and see the real world in the middle of this fantasy.'But the beauty of Shakespeare, David Walliams and J. Rowling is their ability to take children away from the mundane and make magic happen from every page.Unlike all the manufactured digital information cluttering their minds, the written word charms them into finding their own enjoyment, instead of it being spoon-fed to them just as the producers planned.

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I hope one day when I am older, perhaps he will finally teach me how to dress with style. Do I need the sexual agenda of Russell Davies on force fed to my children via my TV?And do I want my money - your taxes- used to to help him push his agenda via the BBC? The BBC is relentless in pursuing a left-wing liberal agenda paid for by an audience who prefer their reality less contrived.