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by Peter Harbison Although one of the last corners of Europe to have been settled by man, Ireland is particularly rich in prehistoric remains.The great passage-tomb of Newgrange, dating to the fourth millennium BC, has become internationally famous since the discovery of its orientation towards the rising sun at the winter solstice, and excavations at the neighbouring tomb of Knowth have given unprecedented insight into the wealth of Irish megalithic art.The author also looks afresh at the controversial question of when the Celts first arrived in Ireland.Pre-Christian Ireland will find a place on the bookshelves of all who are fascinated by the pagan origins of modern Ireland.

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The glory of gold and bronze from Ireland's more recent prehistoric past, with its technical brilliance and intricate designs, continues to cause wonderment to the present day.During the Iron Age the Irish Celts produced some of the finest works of craftsmanship in the whole corpus of Celtic art.The rich gold jewellery, unequalled in Western Europe, makes one feel that the country's Bronze Age is a misnomer, and that it should be called its Golden Age.Or, perhaps better, the first of its Golden Ages - the second one being dealt with in Maire and Liam de Paor's , which may be regarded as the sequel to this volume in the Ancient Peoples and Places series.

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Peter Harbison has written the first full-scale survey of Irish prehistory for a general audience to have appeared for a decade.Pre-Christian Ireland gives the story of human settlement from the beginnings 10,000 years ago to St Patrick's Christianizing mission in the fifth century AD.