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She was attentive in class, prepared, submitted well-written and thoughtful assignments, and participated in meaningful ways, such as by debating other students. Needless to say, Jane earned one of five A’s awarded in that class of 75 students.

Since her first semester in college Jane has enrolled in six of my classes.

She demonstrated similar competencies, and her skills grew with each semester.

Most striking is her ability to tackle challenging material with enthusiasm and endurance.

I teach a required course in Statistics that, as rumor has it, most students dread.

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As usual she was prepared for class, completed all assignments, and attended help sessions conducted by my teaching assistant.

I have interacted with Jane in several contexts: as student, as teaching assistant, and as thesis mentee.

I first met Jane in 2008, when she enrolled in my introductory Psychology class.

Jane immediately stood out from the crowd, even as a first semester freshman.

Just a few months out of high school, Jane demonstrated characteristics commonly held by the best college students.