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04-Feb-2015 22:53

In the mean time we have five, FIVE new VG Cats AWNNs! + #306 They Are A-Changin' #311 Dress Rehearsal #294 They'll Fix You. #183 Gin City Now here's some other cool shit to check out. The Best BF3 Player Ever, Poké-King-of-the-Mon-Hill, and Obama's Terrible Secret. Was out of town for a wedding (these two) and visiting family. With the talent they have behind this, it should make for an awesome game.

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I mean at least fill that e Shop with some older titles. Everyone seems to think going mobile is the way to Nintendo's salvation.

Pokemon The Next NEXT Generation, Luigi's Ballad by Starbomb, Trevor In Real Life, BUTTFACE Mc FARTSALOT, Dodge Adventure, Malfunctioning Eddie(SFM), and The Turntable Turnabout. She doesn't have a site to link to but she DOES have a store at Shark Robot full of AWESOME shirts. On the plus side I (and Omahdon) made a quick little animation! Also did you see who'll be back as starters for Pokemon X and Y?