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saves changes to a settings ("sidecar") file without touching the original RAW data, and consequently there is no need to save the file under a different name or convert the file to TIFF or JPEG for use in other applications. Because the image and settings files are linked by their filename, they need to be copied or moved using lets you choose (and adjust) the Picture Control applied to images, regardless of the settings in effect when the pictures were taken.You can also apply "Flat", the latest Nikon Picture Control, to RAW images (NEF files only*) taken with cameras that predate the D810, letting you explore wealth of information within the image with a Picture Control optimized for RAW developing.When recording photographs in JPEG and other similar formats, the camera automatically processes the images to create a photograph that is ready to view on a PC or other devices; in contrast, RAW images are "raw", completely untouched data that require further processing to become true photographs, which is similar to developing silver-halide films shot with film cameras.The advantages in developing RAW files are that it allows extensive image editing without concerning about degrading image quality: You can alter the white balance or adjust exposure after shooting, and fine-tuning images using Picture Control will not compromise image quality.Because the original images are preserved in exactly the condition they were taken and are not overwritten when the file is edited, the time needed previously to write in changes to a large RAW file is saved, ensuring a smoother image editing experience.Also, this system enables adjustment of multiple files without setting up batch processing.Nikon's Dedicated RAW Processing Software, Capture NX-D software is tailored for processing images in Nikon's unique RAW (NEF/NRW) formats, letting you get the complete Nikon image creation experience while exploiting to the full the high level of image quality produced by Nikon cameras and NIKKOR lenses.

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The finished images can be output in 16-bit TIFF files while retaining smooth gradation.Your shooting experience with a Nikon camera and NIKKOR lenses naturally leads to finishing your images with does not apply changes directly to existing NEF and NRW files; instead, changes are stored in a separate, settings ("sidecar") file.

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