Problem updating ipad software to ios4 2

17-Nov-2014 14:57

The Wi-Fi connection itself may be the issue, as it now stays connected when the device goes into sleep mode.

As an owner of the second generation version, I just installed the new OS last night.

i Pod Touch owners are flocking to the Apple support forums after installing the latest update, i OS 4.

For users who bought the more recent third generation device, the upgrade provides a robust lineup of new features including multistasking, folders, home screen wallpaper, Bluetooth keyboard support, and more.

Some suggest that Wi-Fi should be kept off until needed.

So far I haven't seen any problems, however I was forced to revert the device back to its factory settings prior to the upgrade because the initial backup process was taking more than three or four hours.As previously mentioned, the battery consumption seemed normal twelve hours after the i Pod Touch 2G was updated and charged.For second-generation owners, the update isn't quite as generous, leaving out the wallpaper, keyboard, data protection, and multitasking support. In a topic called , users are stating the obvious: i OS 4 is consuming tons of battery store."My i Pod Touch (2nd gen) is completely charged when I go to bed, but when I wake up in the morning it is completely drained and non-responsive," reads one complaint.

"This never happened under pre-i OS 4 releases." One third generation owner echoed the same complaint. Go to sleep with nearly full battery, wake up with a nearly empty one," said Dr Wig. I really hope the restore feature works to get me back to os3.....

My i Pod clearly isn't going into standby like it used to." As of this writing, there are thirteen pages just in that particular topic alone. As for the battery drain, it's speculated that multitasking is eating away at the battery, however that's not possible on the second generation device.