Problem solving teens dating violence

16-Feb-2015 18:19

Both men and women have long-term effects from this type of abuse.Verbal abuse, like physical abuse, is rooted in the low self-esteem of a partner.Being a teenager is exciting, challenging, and confusing.Dating is one of the most awesome things about being a teen.It's also rooted in the helplessness, guilt, and confusion of a partner who allows another to treat them this way. He'll use force to get his date to do what he wants.Submitting to this behavior in the name of love doesn't work and is self-destructive. He may not be overtly violent - that's why date rape is hard to prove.

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Although dating can be fun and exciting, it can create issues.Whether by a friend or acquaintance, it's a punishable crime! Sometimes his victim isn't even sure she's been raped.