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However, based on the scientific data presented to date, I'm not yet ready to make the quantum leap to...Read more » Hi, I think your great and I read your forum as often as I can ......lover is HIV-negative and we have the most amazing life together. Heterosexual-Only Resources Guys and Girls Social group for heterosexuals with HIV in NYC e-mail: [email protected], 212-462-9009 Hetero Pos Atlanta Social group for... A recent increase in the number of heterosexually acquired HIV infections among non-Aboriginal persons has been noted in Western Australia (WA) but not in other jurisdictions of the country, the authors wrote.

However, based on the scientific data presented to date, I'm not yet ready to make the quantum leap to... Frascino, I am writing in the hopes that you can clarify what I consider to be a massive misunderstanding taking place not only in the HIV at-risk community but in the health sector: What is the transmission rates in heterosexual contact, and...How people could deny that fact is incomprehensible to... Bob, I just read a response to another person and you said "CMV is a late complication..."Well, what if I was infected with CMV before I ever had HIV?Am I more likely to experience optical and/or gastrointestinal complications related to CMV... Bob Read more » ..find that people have a better reaction that way?9 HIV treatment also decreases a person's infectivity if he or she achieves undetectable viral loads.

What do you think about the news (published in yesterday, January 30, 2008): Experts Say Positive People on Effective HIV Meds Arent Sexually Infectious?

This is especially significant for people like me, which happen to be in a... That's excellent news for folks like you and me, because of our magnetic coupling (sero-discordant relationships).

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Now WAP enabled - the mobile directory on your The Division of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE) strives to provide you with everything you need to know about child support - whether you want to apply for services , know your rights and responsibilities , check your case information, estimate a child s The Ohio Parole Board consists of nine Parole Board Members, including the chairperson, one Executive Assistant, two Chief Hearing Officers, a Chief of Quality Assurance, three Quality Assurance Analysts, twenty-one Hearing Officers, and eighteen Parole BSex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry.… continue reading »

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