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In fact, he was a serial conman with a staggering 133 previous convictions for fraud, and a string of jail sentences to his name — which, in reality, is Christopher Heayns, although he has gone by 17 different aliases.‘I feel violated for having had those feelings.

Facing him in court was the most humiliating experience of my life.

And never more so than when, in early December, her mother confided that she had also given Heayns £125,000 from savings and on credit cards, believing she was helping tide him over and — by extension — her daughter.

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I felt everyone was judging me, wondering how on earth I could have got myself into this situation.’The couple seemed to have a lot in common and chatted over email before meeting for coffee three weeks later.The date was a roaring success and sparked a whirlwind relationship. So when, two months later, Heayns — who was living with his father after claiming to have relocated from London — asked her to help him secure a £2,500-a-month flat in a manor house in Hexham, Northumberland, she agreed.‘He said he would be able to secure a long-term lease if I first put my name on an initial short-term tenancy agreement, because being self-employed could unnecessarily complicate things for him,’ recalls Liz.‘I did think it was too soon for financial ties, but Christopher constantly reassured me he had the funds and at that stage he wasn’t asking for money.The emails had “an unsubscribe mechanism that was not clearly and prominently set out, and which could not be readily performed, as required by the legislation,” according to the release.The violations occurred between July and October of 2014.

Despite everything he’d lied about, I felt these threats were genuine.’In despair, Liz worked day and night to try to pay the credit card bills with their spiralling interest — and the £23,000 outstanding rent on Heayns’s home, which she learned of only when she received a county-court judgment.'He had hosted a prostitute party at his flat while I was working a nightshift, and had countless other girls over sleeping in the bed we shared there.The CRTC isn’t a cheap date, as Plenty of Fish recently found out.

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