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This book may be freely reproduced in any form as long as it is not distributed for any material gain or profit; however, this book may not be published without written permission. My thanks also to: Mark Handley who entered the material into a CAD program giving us computer storage and retrieval capabilities, Paul Raybern and Barry Adkins for placing their vast computer skills at my every beckoning, my daughter Jennifer for her exhausting efforts ­ especially on the index, Julie Gates who tirelessly assisted and proofed most of the data, words fail ­ the Lord Himself shall bless and reward her for her kindness, competence and patience, and especially to my wife Shirley who for two years prior to the purchase of a drafting table put up with a dining room table constantly covered with charts and who lovingly understood my preoccupation with this project. These Bible scholars painstakingly reviewed every Scripture reference and decision in the preparation of the Biblical time charts herewith submitted.His epitaph reads: " Among scholars he was the most saintly, among saints the most scholarly." Ussher prepared a chronology of Biblical events based on his study of the Holy Scriptures, deriving 4004 BC as the year of the creation of the universe.His dates were almost universally accepted until the mid-nineteenth century when the satanic three pronged attack against the Word o God in the f areas of evolution, textual criticism and Bible chronology was launched.Chronology of the Old Testament: A Return to the Basics By FLOYD NOLEN JONES, Th. Entering Trinity College at 13, he prepared a detailed work on Hebrew chronology in Latin at 15 and received a Master's degree when 18.

This assault has resulted in clouding the minds of the human race against the veracity and accuracy of the Holy Writ and, subsequently, to God's claims on the lives of all mankind.

Knowing little of Bishop Ussher until mid-way into my own investigations, my efforts often yielded results reflecting, or nearly so, those he made over 300 years ago.

3/21/91), founder of two Bible Colleges in India and former Dean and past President of Continental Bible College in Brussels, Belgium, and Jack Park, former President and teacher at Sterling Bible Institute in Kansas, now serving as a minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and President of Jesus' Missions Society in Huntsville, Texas.

At 19 he engaged in controversy the Jesuit scholar Henry Fitzsimons.

Overthrowing him, none could thereafter match him in debate.An expert in Semitic languages and history, at 20 he was ordained.

He has been nominated for the The Strand Award for Best Debut Novel for The Yard, the The Dilys Award for The Black Country, and the Barry Award for Best First Novel for The Yard. … continue reading »

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I said, “Before you speak, we’re going to the Apple store around the corner." Right then and there, he bought me a new i Pad with all the accessories. People put in their credit-card information and call me just to have me answer and ignore them. … continue reading »

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The best thing is that you will always remain anonymous, while staying in total command of your random chat room.… continue reading »

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"This mirrors our corporate philosophy and was an important consideration for bringing Des on board, as opposed to an isolated, out-of-character incidence from the past," Froozer said.… continue reading »

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