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30-Jun-2015 17:24

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AC: A lot of people think that Playmates are crazy, party girls who blackout all the time, and our lives are all about drinking and going out.We go out for work and sometimes we don’t even drink when we do these club appearances.But, then you meet someone who is cool with it and thinks it’s just interesting that it’s part of my life. But, I also like a guy who looks good in basketball shorts and is all sweaty and sexy after just working out. AC: We’re introduced to a bunch of different people and some guys are overly excited to meet a Playmate, so other guys see that and feel like they have to play it cool and take it slow and work hard to be a gentleman. But, on the first date, don’t whip out your…copy of the magazine. But never tell her you did that, because that’s crazy. I feel like I choose good friends and they always surround themselves with good people so I tend to meet guys that way. AC: I’m kind of an adrenaline junkie and I like to do new things – I’m all about the whole bucket list thing – so if there is something on my list that they can choose, that’s good. Hef has his girlfriends – and now he’s married – who live in the house.As long as you’ve got your suit and tie, you are one step closer to being Justin Timberlake in her eyes…or Leonardo Di Caprio. The first time I met Leonardo Di Caprio was at this karaoke bar in LA and he was in a full suit and tie with his hair slicked back. AC: I always meet guys in the middle of a nightclub. One time I mentioned casually that I had never been to a shooting range before and the guy remembered it so he took me to a shooting range. For Playmates, he sees photos and approves them for a test shoot and then there is a team of editors who approve those photos and then Hef approves the final centerfold.But then someone will come up and say something like “She’s a Playmate” and their eyes just light up and it changes their whole vibe. Everybody thinks that if you’re a Playmate that you have sex with Hef and that’s how you became a Playmate.

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A stiff cocktail isn’t necessarily the way to her heart, but it doesn’t hurt.Understand who she is with her clothes on, and just maybe you’ll get to see her with her clothes off.

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