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12-Aug-2015 14:20

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(CNN Philippines) — Happy, Pat, and Gio are looking for sex, fun, and a relationship on Grindr. He logs in to his account daily after the end of his shift at work.

Happy* knows exactly what he wants from Grindr and all he wants is sex. Booking, in their language.“I am transactional on Grindr: I keep chats to a minimum of five exchanges: Pic? Pat* was 22, curious, and eager to meet a lot of gay men when he signed up for the app.

More than 38 million chat messages and three million photos are exchanged daily by five million active Grindr users across 192 countries all over the world.

The general mood of the Grindr community can be described by Pat in one word: horny."Men generally are more easily aroused and very proactive about their sexuality.

For me and for the few people I know, we turn to Grindr to instantly quench our thirst.

He signed up on Grindr two years ago after his four-year relationship went down the drain.

If there's no booking after an hour then I 'clean the pipes' then sleep,” he said bluntly.

About 78% of Grindr’s users are single, of which 26% are looking for Mr. Happy, however, said that although he goes there for hook-ups, anything more than that would be welcome."I go there for sex, but anything extra is good.