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02-Apr-2016 13:19

Here are a few that come to mind: This isn’t always a big factor for those of us who have spent time in the Philippines and dated while living/visiting there.But most Filipino-American couples first meet online.In other words, the men usually have to make a decision based on very limited face-to-face time with their girlfriends.Let’s say you do find a great woman (as so many do) and are 100% sure you want to marry her.Our love is a beautiful thing that has enhanced my life in ways I could never fully describe.But I never want to present being married to a Pinay as some kind of panacea or fairy tale.

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All marriages require work, and mine is no exception.

Marrying a woman from the Philippines, in fact, will come with some unique challenges that you wouldn’t face if you just dated someone from your own country.

I am extremely happy with the life that my Filipina wife and I have together.

I can’t imagine being with anyone else or being married to someone of my own race/culture.

Usually this means the man joined a dating website (like Christian Filipina–the one I recommend), met a pretty Filipina, and started communicating via email and chat.This works out well for most of the couples that I’ve met, but it is arguably more risky than being able to meet/date in more traditional or conventional ways.

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