Pet sex chatroom

26-Jul-2016 01:32

Another common theme in the forums are warnings about the about the dangers of pursuing carnal canine relations.

For instance racoolman warns about aggressive natured dogs.

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Most speciality forums cater to people whose interests the general population would find strange but harmless.

But there are some online forums that might upset even the most open-minded of individuals. Perhaps the very worst of these is Beast Forum, the world’s premier bestiality website, which claims to have over 1.6 million members from around the world.

Questions are posed in a disconcertingly matter-of-fact way and are answered in kind.

What is remarkable about these websites is how many people seem to be active on them, and the horrific scale of the animal abuse described in such cold terms by posters, including graphic details of animal anatomy.

All members have access to limited amounts of Beast Forum’s pornographic content, but by paying to upgrade their membership, users can gain increased access to a vast repository of animal porn, as well as access to what is claimed to be the biggest bestiality chat room online.

There’s a wide breadth of content on the forum but the most common type of post is from newcomers who, to put it bluntly, want to know how to have sex with animals.