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28-Dec-2014 02:58

I took my Aunt's advice and joined Christian Mingle hesitantly.

Knowing exactly what I wanted in a marriage partner I put my profile up online.

Little did I know, within minutes the man of my dreams would message me.

Not only are we having difficulty finding the right romantic partner, but now there are so many online dating sites we’re not sure which one to use to help us find that partn The one thing I really liked about Christian Mingle was I met someone that I would not have met if not for Christian Mingle.

We go to different churches, have different schedules and spent our leisure time differently. I met a very nice man on Christian Mingle almost a year ago.

This is just another blatant attempt to cash in the word of God and the word Christian. Glad I didn't pay for a membership to this unholy site full of scammers, crappers, users, fakes, phonies, abusers, and predators, no doubt. Maybe I should have a better outlook on things, but when your heart is abused and you have that heart out there waiting on someone to appreciate you for you, it isn't right.

If I wanted to meet someone on a true CHRISTIAN site, why should I shell out -50 to get a beaten-up profile with a picture of a person who obviously looks like they are excited to meet you!!! I have tried countless number of dating sites, will never do the bar approach, been to church (which is why I turned agnostic for), and just feel my life isn't worth the living anymore.

I think you need to give church or tv ministries another chance, because you need to hear that you're life is worth the living, things don't have to be bleek just because your on the outside of your friends looking in.

It really is sad to be alone companionship-wise, especially knowing all your friends from high school and college are successful with family, children, and even grandchildren..too you have been married and divorced, as in my case. I'm soo sorry that you feel like your life isn't worth living anymore, you may not think you have nothing to live for, but you do, you live for yourself!I am cynical towards things like this based on my past experiences. you're not the only one that has people they know that has a family, be it wife or husband, kids and or grandkids, I don't have a husband, nor kids, and I'm in constant pain I'm talking about 24/7 PHYSICAL PAIN!I tried some of the other sites and Plentyof Fish was the worst for guys expecting booty calls. Maybe there were a couple of success stories from this site. What if she had blackheads and he had boogers or snot running down his nose? : D Christian Mingle...definitely not worth the time, money, effort, or the cost of doing a Google search. Yes, there are plenty of men on all the sites who are not really looking for a serious relationship.It's a free site so you're going to get a different type of man of there, especially cheap ones. But I emphasize a "couple"..doesn't take rocket science to put on a form of subliminal advertising with two people pressing noses together and saying they're in love!! Would never suggest this site to anyone, Christian or not. I've found a beautiful woman on this site..tainted remarks are just that of a blackhead, booger eating, snot running down your nose, type of person who is definitely not a christian in the first place..your place booger eater! While you may be matched with someone, that doesn't mean you don't have responsibility after the initial meeting. I just overemphasize the fact I was hoodwinked and scammed from a person who I assumed was very real, very so bitter to know that people can be so callous, and frankly, so hateful to play on one's emotions like I was.

While I don't see marriage in the very near future we have become good friends in the 11 months we have been seeing each other. While I'm not sure there is marriage in our future, he IS a good, Christian man with Christian values.

The men I have met on Christian Mingle have been respectful and didn't expect a "booty call". Go with your gut and get to know someone through email for a little while (but not too long) before meeting in a public place. And to call me a booger eater..your girl would love you more knowing you are insulting people you don't even know. I had gone out with 2 other men on Christian Mingle before I met him and both of them were also respecful men who weren't looking for a "hook-up".

She will be apprehensive because this first date could make or break your future together. If you appear at her doorsteps as presentable as you can be, she will be very proud to be seen with you in public. If your girlfriend is living with her family and you are fetching her from her house, take a few minutes to chat with her parents or siblings.… continue reading »

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