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30-May-2015 19:47

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Earn 20% Commission on Net Proceeds of New Account Referrals + 5% Commission on Net Proceeds of Existing Account Referrals Snap Names is paving the way for a whole new exploding industry to flourish.

Step 3: Generate Your Traffic: When your customers click on your PPES linking code, we set a cookie on their computer.

This follows them through their sign-up process at whichever Click Cash participating site you have selected.

If you are using text links, updating this value in your links will send your traffic through the PPES payout program.

Step 2: Add Your Code to Your Pages: Update your website/blog/creative to reflect this new linking code.

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COUNTRIES BY TIER: Tier 1 Countries: US, CA, GB, UK, AU, NZ Tier 2 Countries: FR, DE, IT, DK, SE, FI, AT, NO, CH, IE, NL Tier 3 Countries: LU, AE, CZ, ES, PT, BE, EE, LV, LT, GR, SK, SI, JP Tier 4 Countries: RS, HR, MK, YU, HG, BG, RO, KP, BR, ZA, IL, CY, PL Tier 5 Countries: The rest of the world Step 1: Select your PPES Link: When you find a promo in our Creative Library you wish to use, you will notice you may select the "PROGRAM" for your link. This will auto-populate your link syntax to reflect that you wish to be paid per sign-up for all PPES qualifying memberships established through this link.

You will see this designation in your linking syntax as &SVC=PPES or &pcc SVC=PPES.

We accept Discover®, Master Card®, Visa® and personal checks and all payments are sent securely. … continue reading »

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