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If you watch USA Network's "Suits," then you know exactly how Mike Ross -- a college dropout and ex-bike messenger -- became a junior partner at NYC law firm Pearson Specter Litt. Adams, 34, fell in love with acting at a very young age, but before he discovered his love for the craft, he just wanted to be Michael J. "From a very young age, my mom tells me that I wanted to be Michael J. Watch Adam's acceptance speech in the video below: 3.But how much do you know about the actor who plays the fake lawyer character? He auditioned for AMC's "Mad Men" thinking that it was a sitcom.He's making interesting choices that are a little big.' I ended up getting called back for other parts on the show, so I don't think I offended him too badly." 4. "I've just always been fascinated with captured moments.I've always been amazed how a story or a feeling or a conflict can be so effectively communicated in a single image. "Charlie spends most of his days with this incredible dog walking service called Dogtown Inc.The fascination must have begun with photos of my family and of distant grandparents who I never knew but who were part of me," the Canadian actor told Da Man magazine of when his love for photography started. They take him all day and run him around with what has now become his crew of dogs," he said."[But] every now and then, I'll bring him to set and he'll spend the day with Gabriel's [Macht] dog and Miles, our wardrobe designer's dog, but I usually don't bring him up.I saw her on 'Flipper,' the TV series, and said, 'She's the most beautiful woman on Earth.' Then she became Jessica Alba."This was my first time going in for 'Mad Men,' and no one knew what it was. "I went in with (show creator) Matthew Weiner, who now has written one of the best shows of all time, and I did my thing and he just stared at me," he recalled.

"His portrayal of Mike Ross in 'Suits' has captured the imagination of millions of people.

"And then, I realized that he was an actor, so I pursued that." 2. Three years after he was cast as Mike Ross on "Suits," Adams was given an honorary lifetime membership to the University College Dublin Law Society.

I think dogs should be outside as much as possible, and because I'm so busy, I don't like leaving him in a trailer for long periods of time." 7. "A big group of my friends wanted to go to Burning Man in 2010, and I had this idea to go in a bus," Adams told Toronto Life.

"They all thought it was crazy, but I found a 1982 Bluebird for cheap and we spent the entire summer ripping all the seats out, installing beds and converting it into a livable space." 8. When asked who his celebrity crush is, Adams told Harper Bazaar magazine: "Jessica Alba.

Below are 10 things that you probably didn't know about Patrick J. "When 'Mad Men' came out, there was a sitcom that same year, also called 'Mad Men,'" Adams told Collider. It's going to be great.' I read the material and thought, 'This is not that funny.'" Surprisingly, even though he treated "Mad Men" like a "full-out, big sitcom" during his audition, he got called back.

And although the character is certainly not your typical lawyer, he ignites a general interest among viewers in the law, lawyers and law firms," Rachel Duffy, former auditor of the UCD Law Society, said in 2013.