Passed legislation mandating dating younger women tips

20-Apr-2016 14:57

Watch the North Carolina attorney general’s comments below.

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North Carolina lawmakers voted overwhelmingly today during a special legislative session that was called in response to Charlotte, N. passing a transgender-inclusive nondiscrimination ordinance. The state’s Republican-led House of Representatives passed House Bill 2 by a vote of 83-24, according to the anti-LGBT North Carolina Family Policy Council, which supports the legislation. "I signed bipartisan legislation to stop the breach of basic privacy and etiquette, ensure privacy in bathrooms and locker rooms," he said on Twitter.

Less than 10 hours after it was introduced, the bill unanimously passed the Republican-controlled Senate, in a vote of 32-0, because every Democratic Senator walked out of the chamber in protest, according to . Mc Crory is attacking transgender people in that statement, signing onto the notion this is a "bathroom bill." The special session was called in response to Charlotte's public accommodations ordinance, passed by the local city council in February, adding sexual orientation and gender identity to the city’s antidiscrimination law.

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The response to the legislation’s passage through the House was swiftly denounced by pro-LGBT lawmakers, while agricultural company Dow Chemical promptly took to Twitter to announce its opposition to the “attempt to undermine equality in Charlotte.” North Carolina’s Democratic attorney general, Roy Cooper, issued a terse video statement moments after the House vote, saying, “North Carolina is better than this.” “Discrimination is wrong, period,” Cooper continued.“That North Carolina is making discrimination part of the law is shameful.

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