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Which is why I was pretty surprised one night when, after leaving our friends at a bar to go smoke a joint on an East Village stoop, he pulled out his phone to show me pictures of a strangely familiar looking girl pouting at the cellphone’s camera.“That’s me,” he said, his other hand shaking as he clutched a cigarette. “Go big or go home.”I helped him apply his makeup, paying extra attention to the foundation to mask the faint trace of stubble left from shaving that morning.He gravitated toward bright pink lip glosses and dark shades of eyeshadow, things I found too stripperish for my own regular use. When we got out of the car and stepped onto the two-story escalator leading up to the casino’s main floor, we heard a wolf whistle come from above. “Shit,” I said a minute later, as I thought of the perfect comeback.They were only there to keep the rest of the bag’s contents out of view. Corsets, padded briefs and a pair of massive fake breasts followed by a mess of black fabrics that untangled into three separate dresses. I never pictured myself dating a cross-dresser, but as a member of the Dan Savage generation I also never ruled anything out.He’s a paranoid fucker; nobody would be going near that suitcase. The stripper heels stayed in their box (which I carried up to the hotel room after being asked, “The box is hot pink, babe. Before this guy came along I thought I was pretty kinky.”We started the evening at an oval-shaped bar surrounded by poker, blackjack and roulette tables.

I tried to fish for a couple of compliments but he was too nervous to pay attention. I held his hand as we walked through the lobby, only letting go to flag down a taxi.“Where are you ladies headed tonight,” the driver asked without any trace of a smirk. “I’m gonna need a drink in my hand all fucking night, OK?I’d been asking boyfriends to tie me up, hold me down and hit me harder since high school, and my tastes had escalated at a pretty steady pace.But when one of my best friends revealed to me that he had a hidden stash of makeup and panties, I was intrigued.His eyes turned up to me — it was mine, after all — and after I answered they said, “You look great! “I’ll bet you they just wanted to come over and talk to the cross-dresser,” he said. “I get asked questions about that dress almost every time I wear it,” and I kissed him again.

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I pulled out the two dresses I’d brought with me — both of them sluttier than anything I’d wear at home, but AC seemed to call for it — and my boyfriend started unpacking his bags.

His dress shoes and button-downs came out first but were quickly discarded.