Paget and shemar dating

21-Oct-2016 12:33

The fans have fun asking, ‘When are they going to hook up?

’ But if they did hook up, I think it would mess up everything that they’ve built.” Though Moore does not know where or how far things will go with Derek and Savannah, he appreciates this opportunity to explore his character’s “softer side, a vulnerability that’s not over an issue, not over [his] molestation, not over lack of trust, not over ‘I lost my father.'” As he points out, “This is the closest I’ve been able to bring Shemar Moore to Derek — I have a lot more fun than he does, because Derek doesn’t have time to have that kind of fun.

I knew she would bring that element of dignity, of independence, and sex appeal.”) There however also is a bit of drama on hand, but certainly not the kind Derek deals with on the job.

“Savannah is a doctor, so she’s very independent and she’s very busy,” Moore shares.

So I tip my cap to the [FBI profilers] who really do what we portray on television, because it’s a very dark, dark heavy world that really exists out there….

Brewster starred on the CBS procedural from 2006 to 2012, and has appeared in guest spots ever since.

Moore, though, acknowledges Baby Girl and Chocolate Thunder for all that they are, and what they are not.

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But again, how the “Morcia” fans receive it all is yet to be seen.

She will reprise her role as SSA Emily Prentiss with her first episode set for Oct. Brewster’s return as a regular cast member comes after star Thomas Gibson was fired due to a series of on-set altercations.