Over 60s dating ireland

25-Nov-2015 22:42

So, as he asked me very little about myself and provided even less information about the service, I decided to follow up with a mail where I detailed the type of person I would and would not like to meet, along with more specific questions about the service.Anyway the mail was ignored and I had to make two more attempts at contact before I got a mail in reply.I've tried online dating and am very much in favour of it as another way of meeting people and I've met nice guys but no major romance.So I contacted a reportedly reputable introductions agency based in the south to see what they could offer.Or is there no longer a market for them in recession riddled Ireland?At least one major agency in Dublin has gone out of business.This told me [in a somewhat patronising tone]that he no longer felt he could help me, more or less because I was too fussy.

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However a meeting would be with a view to signing a contract and paying up front [a very sizeable yearly fee].I think I know the guy you are talking about - he operates from West Cork and Dublin.He has a very direct forthright manner, pulls no punches and tells it like it is.He doesn't tell you what you want to hear but at least he isn't making false promises and taking money off you, then delivering nothing.

I have read some interesting posts on this site about online dating but I was wondering what people think of introduction agencies.

I'm a divorced woman in my 40's living in a small town and would like to meet someone special.