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| '--------------------=================================-------------------------' ============================================================================= Table of Contents ============================================================================= 1. Buildings Archery Range Barracks Blacksmith Bombard Tower Castle Dock Farm Fish Trap Foritified Wall Gate Guard Tower House Keep Lumber Camp Market Mill Mining Camp Monastery Outpost Palisade Wall Siege Workshop Stable Stone Wall Town Center University Watch Tower Wonder 4. Miscellaneous Missionary (TC ONLY) Monk Relic Trade Cart Villager B.

All of them have tons of downloads, interviews, etc. Ensemble Studios will have Random Maps released occasionally, so I suggest that you check out the site for a new download!

_______________ .--------------------========= ANNOUNCEMENTS =========-------------------------. | | | [All major Age of Empires news will be included in this section.] | | | | Nov.

Castle (Origin) Anarchy (TC ONLY) Artillery (TC ONLY) Atheism (TC ONLY) Bearded Axe (TC ONLY) Berserkergang (TC ONLY) Conscription Crenellations (TC ONLY) Drill (TC ONLY) El Dorado (TC ONLY) Furor Celtica (TC ONLY) Garland Wars (TC ONLY) Hoardings Kataparuto (TC ONLY) Logistica (TC ONLY) Mahouts (TC ONLY) Perfusion (TC ONLY) Rocketry (TC ONLY) Sappers Shinkichon (TC ONLY) Spies Supremacy (TC ONLY) Yeomen (TC ONLY) Zealotry (TC ONLY) H.

Boats Cannon Galleon & Elite Cannon Galleon Demolition Ship & Heavy Demolition Ship Fire Ship & Fast Fire Ship Fishing Ship Galleon Galley Longboat & Elite Longboat Trade Cog Transport Ship Turtle Ship & Elite Turtle Ship (TC ONLY) War Galley 5. Blacksmith (Origin) Blast Furnace Bodkin Arrow Bracer Chain Barding Armor Chain Mail Armor Fletching Forging Iron Casting Leather Archer Armor Padded Archer Armor Plate Barding Armor Plate Mail Armor Ring Archer Armor Scale Barding Armor Scale Mail Armor B.

Mill (Origin) Crop Rotation Heavy Plow Horse Collar C.

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