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Broken: Tax accountant Peter Lanza, left, is finding it 'impossible' to deal with the mixture of guilt, grief and confusion that has overcome him since his son, Adam, right, shot dead his mother and 26 at Sandy Hook She also revealed how the family have been left 'stigmatized' by the Lanza name with children enduring taunts at school and knowing looks every time they use their debit cards - even though many live hundreds of miles away from where the atrocity took place in Newtown, Connecticut.

Shaken to the core: A family member told Mail Online the Lanza family has been decimated during the last year.

She found a disturbing number of drawings, mostly of guns, and 'normal teenage boy crap' stashed underneath Adam's nightstand.

However, other sketches were gruesome depictions of death and images of mutilated corpses.

According to a new book on the mass shooting that rocked the nation one year ago this month, Nancy Lanza recalled to a friend days before the attack that her son had become increasingly obsessed with the military since she told him he wasn't cut out to be a Marine, and she described finding disturbing pictures of mutilated corpses and murdered children under his bed.

Lanza's descent into madness and murder started when he finished high school and created the violence-obsessed online persona 'Kaynbred,' the book 'Newtown: An American Tragedy' reveals, according to an excerpt in the New York Daily News.

The report revealed Peter Lanza had taken Adam shooting and his mother was planning to buy him a pistol for Christmas Nancy was banned from going in Adam's room yet had she popped her head round the door just once she would have seen a 7ft by 4ft poster on the wall with the top 500 mass killings of all time, ranked by fatalities.

While other players of his favorite game 'Combat Arms' sought out codes to cheat the system, Lanza's managed to get 83,496 kills, and 22,725 head shots all with a 'clean' record - without shortcuts.

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According to the book, Nancy Lanza was increasingly worried about her son and when she dropped into My Place Pizza & Restaurant in the second week of December 2012, she described her concerns to friend Dennis Durant.'I told Adam, in as gentle terms as possible, that he will never be a marine, that he's just not cut out for it and that life has something different planned for him.How can you be a marine if you won't let people touch you? The basement, which Nancy had remodeled into a game room for Adam, now looked more like a military compound, with nearly every inch of the walls plastered with posters of weaponry and old tanks from World War II.According to the book, one drawing she described was of a bloodied woman clutching a rosary as bullets ripped through her spine while another depicted a grassy field filled with the corpses of young children whose faces were so mutilated they were unrecognizable.The horrifying new details emerge after it was revealed Adam's father, Peter Lanza, has been 'broken' by his son's horrific actions and finds it 'impossible' to come to terms with what happened nearly a year ago.

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Mail Online visited Adam's brother, Ryan, left, and he looked drawn and exhausted.Shelley Cudiner, 52, right, a librarian at the University of Connecticut, has lived with Peter Lanza for a decade Disturbed: The official report released last week told how Adam would only speak to his mother by email and refused to let her in his room, above, which featured blacked out windows and a spreadsheet detailing the worst mass murders of all time ranked by fatalities Gun fans: The Bushmaster rifle, pictured, found in Room 10 at Sandy Hook Elementary School, used to kill children and six women.

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