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15-Jun-2016 11:51

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The On Kick Idle() I have written will update the menu items in each of the first-level dropdown menus (e.g. You will need a similar loop if you want to have On Update handlers for a status bar, toolbar, or specific dialog controls.

Using the code below, the function called for On Update won't get hooked using hooksecurefunc but will if you change it to Hook Script.

In addition, if any function is directly assigned as a handler, changing it in any way outside of Frame: Hook Script() won't update the function pointer used.

Meaning the original function as defined would be updated, but the reference given to the frame to use for a handler will still point to the old function instead of your hook.

hooksecurefunc will work for functions used for other scripts.

I don't believe this was the way it worked previously. Changing Some Dopeyfunc to a local function I get: [code] 1x A\A.lua:16: hooksecurefunc(): Some Dopeyfunc is not a function [C]: in function `hooksecurefunc' A\A.lua:16: in main chunk [code]The syntax is hooksecurefunc([table,]index,function). The entire design of the function is to hook another function stored in index of table.