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If you are looking for friends you had planned to meet in the chat and it is down, you might find that they have a profile in the peeps members section where you can send a private messages even if they are offline at the time, and tell them which chat system you are popping into and when.

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(look for the date and time that comments are posted) The OC / Old Chat / Original chat is down permanently – details posted here: When the main OC / Original Chat / Old chat system is down, many of our users will pop into the Sex Chat New Chat our newest system which has the most features is the new mv-chat system.The mf-chat-rooms aka flashy chat system is another backup option some may enjoy.A chat room for gay 13 to 15 year old guys who are brave enough to come out about it. I hope you guys get all you are hoping for in a relationship on this chatroom. A Den, or room for wolves of any pack, Clan, or race. If the main chat system is down and I do not know about it, others will likely post a comment on down below.

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I've seen it in alot of chatrooms so this is a rule: You CAN do RP, but for gods sakes, DO NOT make it entire theme of this chat room. if u want to flirt or be boyfriend and girlfriend in this chat room u can have fun u can talk dirty or have so fun lol if u talk about sex or real dirty u can not come to this room while i am hosting it okay.....If you want to 100% RP, get your own chatroom, please. :)I'm not the type to just cam and randomly sleep with someone from a random chat room, I have some class. It might be a rare occurance but I might aswell give it a shot to talk to someone half decent.

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