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Basically I split my time between playing online poker, creating an online dating ebook, and writing a blog in the self-help / humor niche.While I enjoyed the freedom and thrills of entrepreneurship I needed the stability and financial security of a job that could provide guaranteed income. Everyone told me that my best bet to find a job in Austin was to contact friends & family and see what kind of opportunities came my way. And, naturally, I wanted the most sought after job in Austin: marketer for a small tech company / startup.

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It was also suggested to me that it was best “to just settle” for my first job in Austin and then use that job to network and position myself for a better job once I knew more people in town. I found out later that the marketing job I got had a 100+ qualified applicants. I used to think you couldn’t find good jobs on Craigslist. companies put their job listings on Craigslist – especially startups and small businesses who are looking to hack systems and avoid paying exorbitant headhunter fees.My Craigslist search process was nothing special, but I’ll list it here for those who care.I moved to Austin jobless in the summer of 2012 after having worked exclusively on self-funded passion projects for 2 years.I won’t even call my projects “startups” because that would be hyperbole.

This is the book that explains why the right girl never seems to respond; there's nothing wrong with you, but you're not making the right kind of effort! Online dating, both on Tinder and dating sites, is all about creating the right impression without looking like you're trying to impress. In some ways, it's kind of sad; for you, though, and in a strictly selfish manner, it's absolutely brilliant. They’re out there, following instincts that are leading them in the wrong direction and information that is just plain wrong.If you’re willing to put in the effort to do it right, you’re going to blow them all out of the water.