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18-Aug-2016 04:14

I was happy and more than willing, so he demanded I pay 00 for the processing my my visa and tickets which I paid.When I arrived at the airport of Kuwait on the 1st of April it was a different scenario. To be frank I’m fascinated as to how most Kuwaitis respond positively. It all started somewhere in February this year, I met a guy back in my country in Africa, that is Ghana to be specific who told me he have some “connection” as normally termed in Ghana here in Kuwait and that a reputable company needs security guards to employ.I showed interest because he said I will be paid 00 per month.I Fasted 30 Days during the fasting and can tell you it was hell. We work 24hours a day and no day off and this will continue for 2years.We don’t go any where ,we just work even at night because we have to stay awake and look after the sheep.I was taken to an agency in Jahra and was told I’m going to take care of sheep on the desert.

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And the funny thing is our employers call themselves Muslims but will not allow us to go to the mosque on Fridays.

All they do is they want us to always work,t hey don’t care even if we don’t pray.

Hmmm on the day of Judgement Allah will fight for what they are denying us.

And the wages i was promised never manifested instead I receive 70kd a month.

I can’t even call my mom to tell her what I’m going through because I fear I might break her heart. It’s I’m not the only one over here, we are trapped.Maybe someone reading this will say why we don’t run away or protect, but I tell you if we try to run away they will file a false case against us.