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05-Dec-2014 12:54

Over the past several years, I've written extensively on the nature and effects of pornography abuse.

(Visit here and here for some basic information.) I am pleased to see that with Ricky Camilleri's recent Huff Post Live interview of Isaac Abel and others that this issue is finally hitting the cultural zeitgeist.

For instance, a recent Pew Internet & American Life survey revealed that texting is now the primary mode of communication between teens and their friends and family, far surpassing phone calls, face-to-face interactions and emailing.

In porn, there's little talking, less seduction, no romancing and minimal -- if any -- tenderness displayed. There is, however, an ever-changing stream of highly-arousing objectified body parts and sexual images.Because of this, boys and young men appear to have expectations (and why wouldn't they?) that sex with another person will also provide a consistent source of new, mind-blowing stimulation, which is not the case in a most relationship-oriented sex.For a lot of boys, porn is increasingly more exciting, available and desirable (not to mention a whole lot easier) than in-the-flesh romantic/sexual interaction.

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Consider too that if a young man's sexual experiences have exclusively involved using online porn as his primary vehicle to learn about sex and relationships, this young man may well struggle to develop the required skill-set to maintain healthy romantic and sexual partnerships.After all, most male-focused Internet porn has no storyline, no emotional connection and no preliminary warm-up to the sexual encounter, and as such it does not encourage a focus on relatedness or connection to a person as a primary source of satisfaction.