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02-Jul-2015 01:28

The High Court just decided the EU Referendum on June 23, 2016, didn't really count. To make us feel like we had a say, writes KATIE HOPKINS (left). The 58-year-old Briton had to prove to himself he could give a convincing portrayal of the wartime leader before taking the part.But can you spot his identity behind the cigar and beneath the make-up?

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There may not be any tanks on the streets, but be under no illusion: what we're seeing now is an attempted coup designed to overthrow the will of the British people, writes RICHARD LITTLEJOHN. Owen Smith is back banging on about a second referendum.

Yesterday's decision by three unelected judges to side with the sore losers - including wealthy City investment manager Gina Miller (left with multi-millionaire husband Alan), Brexit turncoat hairdresser Deir Dos Santos (right) - who want to scupper Britain's departure from the European Union is a constitutional outrage, particularly considering former prime minister David Cameron's pledge to 'unequivocally' respect the result of the referendum. Lord Chief Justice Lord Thomas (top centre), Lord Sales (top right) and Sir Thomas Etherton (top left) have thwarted the will of the people after ruling in favour of activist Gina Miller (bottom). And if it does go back to Parliament for a vote Brexit is as dead as a doornail.