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15-Feb-2015 23:27

For me, this project was one of the biggest no-brainers in history.

Not just because Elon Musk is Elon Musk, but because here are two items that have been sitting for a while in my “Future Post Topics” document, verbatim: – “electric vs hybrid vs gas cars, deal with tesla, sustainable energy” – “spacex, musk, mars?? ” I already wanted to write about these topics, for the same reason I wrote about Artificial Intelligence—I knew they would be hugely important in the future but that I also didn’t understand them well enough.

So I spent the two weeks leading up to the West Coast visit reading and reading and reading, and it became quickly clear that this was gonna need to be a multi-post series. We’ll dive deep into Musk’s companies and the industries surrounding them in the coming posts, but today, let’s start by going over exactly who this dude is and why he’s such a big deal.12Note: There’s a great biography on Musk coming out May 19th, written by tech writer Ashlee Vance.

__________ PDF and ebook options: We made a fancy PDF of this post for printing and offline viewing (see a preview here), and an ebook containing the whole four-part Elon Musk series: ___________ Last month, I got a surprising phone call.

We had a discussion about Tesla, Space X, the automotive and aerospace and solar power industries, and he told me what he thought confused people about each of these things.

He suggested that if these were topics I’d be interested in writing about, and it might be helpful, I could come out to California and sit down with him in person for a longer discussion.

I’ll use this post to explore how he became a self-made billionaire and the real-life inspiration for Iron Man’s Tony Stark, but for the moment, I’ll let Richard Branson explain things briefly:1 Whatever skeptics have said can’t be done, Elon has gone out and made real.

Remember in the 1990s, when we would call strangers and give them our credit-card numbers? His Tesla Motors and Solar City companies are making a clean, renewable-energy future a reality…his Space X [is] reopening space for exploration…it’s a paradox that Elon is working to improve our planet at the same time he’s building spacecraft to help us leave it.

And Musk is leading a revolution in both of these worlds.It would be like if you had plans to write about the process of throwing lightning bolts and then one day out of the blue Zeus called and asked if you wanted to question him about a lot of stuff. The plan was that I’d come out to California, see the Tesla and Space X factories, meet with some of the engineers at each company, and have an extended sit down with Musk.

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