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28-Mar-2015 19:46

Nicknamed 'Mrs Wham Glam' by friends, she has now been branded 'woman of the century' by Remainers who cheered her on the steps of the High Court today.

But the judges insisted that would be unconstitutional and she must pass legislation through parliament.

A furious Nigel Farage (main image) today warned there would be public outrage if parliament used powers confirmed by the High Court to block the referendum result.

Scottish First minister Nicola Sturgeon (left) welcomed the outcome as 'significant', and Cabinet minister Ken Clarke said giving parliament the power would help stop ministers 'squabbling'.

Gina Miller, 51, (right) lives in London with her financier husband Alan, nicknamed 'Mr Hedge Fund' (together left) because he made £30 million after starting one of the City's first funds in 1997.

The couple now run an investment firm with a reported £100million in its portfolios.