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All I know is the night I signed up, I was on the app for probably two hours straight, swipe-happy, chatting with so many “eligible bachelors” and thinking this was, well, the greatest thing ever. Fast forward to six months later, and my Ok Cupid profile now brings in the majority of my new dates. Let’s see what Carly, 27, from Bella Vista, Victoria, 24, from Center City and Miranda, 25, from Rittenhouse have to say: Although I didn’t have a particular “favorite” site, I liked that Ok Cupid allowed you to answer questions and view other’s answers to questions, and Coffee Meets Bagel was just adorable and built suspense knowing that every day at noon you’d get a new match — it wasn’t overwhelming like other sites.

I enjoyed going out to new places and perfecting my first date conversational tactics, but I needed more than a split second decision based solely on my appearance to see what the online dating world was all about. (Side note: for the majority of my previous dates who know about my blog, you are in the gem category)I was so intrigued by what other women living in Philly thought of our city’s online dating scene, so I chatted with three of them.

Once again, I’ve met some gems, but a lot more lackluster . My least favorite part of all sites (or maybe dating in general? I think girls who have the guts to strike up a conversation should go for it!

) is that some folks say they want something different than what they actually are looking for. I once had a guy ask me where I would go if I could travel back to any point in time.

The dudes never want to buy you dinner it’s always just drinks and I would recommend several glasses of wine before meeting up with them.

Keep the message short and natural for you — however you usually communicate and interact with people should be how you write to potential dates.

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A man in his late 40s interrogated me in a message about why I’m online dating — he said that people online seem to be either psycho or desperate, and if I’m not either, why am I single and resorting to online dating?

As a busy, young twenty-something, I found this question hilarious coming from a man almost old enough to be my father!

I have never initiated any conversation, but I think it has more to do with my personality . I thought it was an interesting conversation starter so I gave it some thought, replied, and then asked what he would answer.

He then responded saying “I would travel back to the night you were conceived and give your parents a high five for making you.” That was the end of that conversation.

Don’t send a message if you haven’t read her whole profile.

I liked to see the effort of someone who took the time to “get to know me” and attempted to make a connection, or at least identify what in my profile made you want to say hello.

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