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While I did not want him to suffer, I really did not want to give an injection that would surely stop his breathing. Of the oils I had with me in the hospital, these seemed the most appropriate.

I began with the M-technique - a gentle form of rhythmic touch pioneered and registered by Jane Buckle. Rather than choosing the oils for their therapuetic properties, I choose them for their link to spiritual benefits.

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His admitting diagnosis was Acute Respiratory Failure. During his 2 week stay in the ICU, he had no visitors.

For 20 minutes I gently stroked him with the oils and M-technique. My workers later told me they had rarely seen a more peaceful death, and were deeply moved by the experience.

Once again, he was weaned from the "breathing machine".

was a 77 year old who was transferred into the Intensive Care Unit from the Veterans home. had no immediate family in the area, and only one living sister who lived out of state.

Medical history included morbid obesity (over 300 pounds) hypertension, chronic lung disease, and diabetes mellitus. Emergency mechanical ventilation was instituted in the Emergency room, as well as other life-support measures. C had indicated in his living will that he wanted full medical care.

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Eventually a tracheostomy was placed, and he was weaned off of the ventilator support. Still unable to accept this, he continued to request full medical support, and did need to be replaced on ventilatory support.

However, his kidneys were failing and it became apparent that Mr. During this period he had gone from communicative and involved in his care, to depressed and withdrawn.