Odds of dating a celebrity

03-Oct-2016 02:16

Even living in LA (which I do) my chances of dating someone "famous" are low, even though I work in the film industry!

That's because you tend to date people who have things in common with you.

You can take steps to maximize your chances of dating someone famous, but give serious, prior consideration to whether this is something you really want.

However, if I worked directly with talent (was a hair/make-up artist, was a manager, did PR, did Costumes, etc), then I'd have a higher chance of knowing them more on a personal level.

So where you live only has a VERY small impact on if you're going to date a celebrity.

It might make it slightly more of a reality, but really only slightly. No, your chances of sleeping with a celebrity as opposed to dating them are exactly the same odds.

Celebrities are private people by nature, because they have to be.

You might have little in common with a celebrity, or find it difficult to meet her.Every aspect of a potential relationship is typically public.

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