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12-Jan-2016 19:59

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The problem i think is because its free it attracts some pretty dodgy people.Being a genuine guy looking for a lady i found most to be angry, jaded and belligerent.I put all these people on my block lite to keep track of them so I know not to look make the mistake or contacting them again and so they show up in my searches again.I've shown many people my profile and asked if there is anyway on my written on my profile or pic I show change and they all shrouded the shoulders and said no so is wrong with this wrong with this site and what world are these people living in??I proceeded to try and log back on using my username and password, Oasis advised me my password was incorrect!!1 man made up 4 accounts to abuse me & threaten me & call me names.I reported all his accounts & emailed oasis but nothing happened.One that got in contact with me started her message saying I was probably a scumbag. They probably all have a reason for acting the way they do but why stay on the site?

If anyone wants to question me about this wondering why I not getting any luck on this site then send me an email and you have look for your self and tell me if you think there is anything wrong with my profile!!!

Today I logged onto my account to give it one last try, when out of the blue, Oasis threw me off the site back to the log on page.

Since I rejoined just over a year ago and all I can say every person that I've contacted in the last 12 months were dogs, I'm a normal person who knows how to treat a women, I have has a relationships that didn't work out in and have been the one to break it off because things didn't work out.

My profile info and pic are appropriate and I make it clear that I'd put in effort for someone who is serious, there is nothing sleezy or rude about my profile and yet since I rejoined I have had one nothing good come of the site, I get dogs that reject my like/add request or some gutless wonder who likes my back, I try to start a normal conversation and get no and am left wondering what they are doing and next you I'm deleted or blocked for no reason, I find it humiliating and it's making me so angry.

The fact they allow this to go on without investigating is a disgrace.

The site itself is good, easy to set up your account and offers tips and warnings about being ripped off and or being exploited.