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20-Dec-2015 06:53

game is probably considered ancient by technology standards, but is still apparently explorable and thought to be completely abandoned — until the discovery of a questionable NPC.It was thought by Vinesauce to be an NPC, asking if he was in need of assistance, until it was responding in a fashion a human being would.This wouldn’t be entirely shocking as a couple of months ago in January, the abandoned MMORPG is back in development.It actually hit a few speed bumps with the Kickstarter venture last year, but there’s been a declaration for fans to move forward toward the game’s development.Just like Vinesauce/Vinny and Hitomi, perhaps they were just feeding a nostalgic moment along with around 6,000 other live streaming viewers? Some profanity in the commentary.) is an MMO in a sandbox format that’s been around since 1995, and is still being acknowledged via a website to have celebrated 20 years of existence, with even scheduled events throughout the course of 2015.

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Vinesauce even asked it, him, or her questions that would elicit a non-scripted response, and it seems to have done so. The ambiance of music playing in the background was akin to the mood, considering the hair-raising discovery of a lone wanderer by the name of Hitomi Fujiko.

According to Vinesauce, he said this encounter wasn’t planned, and having had a You Tube presence for two years, he admits he’s been known not to be the type to plan ahead according to his video.

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