Not updating gunz launcher

30-Dec-2014 11:52

The window will say that the item is unknown, but it will say it is in your inventory.For example, type "give poop" and the game will display "Unknown stat "poop" added to player's inventory". You can get a secret code (0508) to try on one of their promotional cabinets from the web site.Bathroom scare After you have found the lost scientist and are returning to the main building, find your way back to the bathrooms.Stand in front of the mirror with your pistol then cycle through until your shotgun then get very close.Download the data from the i D PDA into your own to read . Saving ammunition If you can avoid it, try not to use weapons like the shotgun or others that have difficult to find ammunition on the weaker zombies.

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Multi-player information During multi-player mode, you can enter the console window to see if anybody tried to join.

It will also show you if anybody was rejected due to an invalid password.

Secret web site and code When you get Alan Dorweiler's PDA file, highlight his name then check his e-mails. Programmer message Enter codes from the original Doom (for example, "iddqd" or "idclip") at the console window.

Along with the "invalid" message, you will get a message stating that you have a good memory.

View credits Go to the Excavation Site level (final map) and get just before you enter the halls of Cyber-Satan. Look directly above the floor under a few protruding bricks to see the i D logo in the stone wall. The same sound played when you use a computer will be heard. The brick it on will push into the wall with a scratching sound. Follow it to find a chamber lit by red light that has a huge horned skull on the back wall.Walk to the left in the lower dungeons just before you reach the location where the wall breaks open and the intermission sequence of you discovering the final Boss starts. Below the skull is a bloody pentagram with a PDA positioned in the center.

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