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27-Aug-2015 18:17

The plus of the Mc Afee Antivirus is that it installs without any problems on any infested system.After installation it is recommended to go through a full scan which can last about half an hour.Also some of the features cannot be found in these drawers so another interface is opened.In the Navigation Center things are displayed in a link-based page which can be scrolled for the features needed.This is not a bad time considering that most antivirus products have the same average.Even if it is not free, it promises to offer more than just virus protection.In order to offer a complete user experience, Mc Afee Antivirus has totally changed the way the interface works.

With tall drawers’ aspect that uncovers the selected components, the interface looks rather interesting.However, for the unfamiliar user, precious time will be wasted with opening and closing tabs just to find what he was looking for.