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Emails of 47,000 NZNO members leaked to unknown address in info breach Former solo GP failed in care and advocacy of patient who died, HDC finds Australia: Former GP referred to police over 'catastrophic' cannabis trial Older owners can open doors for up-and-coming GP keen to buy practices Skirts only and keep out of the carpark: Recalling the bad old days DHB admits mistake in case of delayed follow up, GPs called on to help Marketing ploys and the one that didn’t get away How a blues musician came up with cancer's 'penicillin moment'‘Perfect storm’ keeps New Zealanders in care without consent or protection Pasifika Medical Association to the rescue after Canterbury trust fails Pharmacy ownership: Is deregulation the future or the demise?Women should be told about their breast density when they have a mammogram Lancet study shows effective weight-loss intervention in general practice Avoiding a blame game, but all eyes on maternity research A third med school would aim to have most grads choosing general practice Strong feelings on assisted dying aired by seasoned health professionals No warning for practices whacked with new fee for patient info transfers Pharmacists and GPs launch pre-emptive strike to design integrated care GENERAL PRACTITIONER WEST COASTOur general practices on the West Coast offer the chance to be a “roll your sleeves” up kind of specialist.Home Banking including Bill Pay and E-Statements is a free service designed to give you the independence to conduct your financial transactions from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere that you have secure access to a computer. 989-739-1401 At Northland, we take our obligation to protect your financial information seriously.This secure 24/7 online banking service offers you these GREAT services! In order to meet FFIEC guidelines for verifying your identity, we have added an additional layer of security to our Home Banking and Bill Pay services.Five nights later, shortly after leaving Auckland on its regular run to Suva and Vancouver, the 13,415-ton liner struck two mines off Northland’s Bream Head.All 349 passengers and crew got away safely in the liner’s 18 lifeboats; the only casualty was the ship’s cat, ‘Aussie’.

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More worrying for the authorities was the loss of the ship’s secret cargo of gold ingots worth £2.5 million (equivalent to around 0 million in 2016) − almost all later recovered in an epic deep-sea salvage job − and half of New Zealand’s stock of small-arms ammunition, which was being sent to Britain to help replace ammunition lost during the battle for France.

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