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03-Aug-2015 12:59

The scammer had registered a profile on Pro under username "robertj601", that has been removed by now.Always be wary of job offers that ask for payment before the job is granted.A scammer using a fake CV under name "Robert J Kokuoa" and email address [email protected] been reported.

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The scammer uses name "James Costa", signs with name "Cole", and uses email address [email protected] probable scam was reported at .

The sender uses name "Steven Bangham" and email address [email protected] scammer using a fake CV under name "ALBERT Vigier" and email address [email protected] been reported. The scammers operate under company name "Brenntag UK Limited", and give this as their website: (404 error).

Pro member Ana Tarchitzky, , has reported that her CV and name are being used by a scammer to contact outsourcers.

The scammer uses these email addresses: [email protected], [email protected] [email protected] fraudulent profile has been removed from Pro

Fraudulent operation originally branded "Languagemet" and documented at has been reported to be active under yet another new name: .Emails are being sent from email address [email protected], with name "Zaki Al-Attar".

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