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23-Apr-2015 17:02

Marian Hossa had just scored a goal and the United Center crowd was going bananas as it usually does.

But there was a small of amount of concern in the delirium.

But plenty of businesses, politicians and other desperate attention-seekers... The experience of snapping two of the longest World Series droughts ever only heightened the hopes of Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel promised a "parade that 108 years have waited for" as the city laid out plans for a procession Friday from Wrigley Field to Grant Park to honor the World Series champion Chicago Cubs. "There are two things I can't wait to experience," said Hoyer, who will participate with the rest of the Cubs' organization in a victory parade Friday that will...

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But captain Jonathan Toews, who was wearing a Cubs World Series hat after the Hawks' morning skate Thursday, said what the Hawks achieved does... Dozens of times since beginning their work on the brains of former football players, boxers and military members who suffered repeated blows to the head, researchers have announced their findings with slides of damaged tissue, strong words about the danger of concussions and perhaps a call for...

Hours after the Chicago Cubs broke their 108-year-old slump with a World Series victory, Erin Stanton found herself smiling and crying at the same time as she placed a World Series flag on her grandmother's grave at All Saints Cemetery in Des Plaines. As surely as you can buy a bottle of red wine, a steak or an erectile dysfunction pill endorsed by Mike Ditka, Chicagoans can expect to spend the next half a century being shilled to by 2016's history-making Cubs heroes.

Wade posted a "Sports Center" image of James in Cubs pinstripes to his Instagram page, and the ESPN news show tweeted it.... The Blackhawks know a thing or two about ending championship droughts.

There were the die-hards who were always there, the bandwagoners, the curious observers, and yes, even a few haters, but it seemed like actors, politicians and athletes were coming out of the crevices to talk about the Cubs' first World Series victory in 108 years. Having spotted Jason Heyward isolated from the media throng and conducting a one-on-one interview during the Cubs' epic celebration after their victory in Game 7 of the World Series, Jason Hammel walked over and stood guard with his hand on his teammate's shoulder. In 2010, they halted a 49-year slog of no Stanley Cups when they beat the Flyers.

He has allowed just one goal in his last three games.The Avalanche held an early lead on the Hawks in shots,...